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21st–24th Dynasties of Egypt in the 3rd Intermediate Period

Egyptian Art, 3rd Intermediate Period, Dynasties 21–24

Works of Art (11)

Aegis of Sekhmet or Bastet, Third Intermediate Period and later (ca. 1070–332 B.C.), Egyptian, Faience (10.130.2055)
Bes image, Third Intermediate Period (ca. 1070–712 B.C.), Egyptian, Faience (26.7.878)
Coffin set of Henettawy, Third Intermediate Period, Dynasty 21, reign of Psusennes I, ca. 1040–992 B.C., Egyptian; From Deir el-Bahri, western Thebes, Gessoed and painted wood (25.3.182–184)
Cult image of the god Ptah, Dynasty 22–early Dynasty 26 (ca. 945–600 B.C.), Egyptian, Lapis lazuli (2007.24)
Jug with a lion handle, late Dynasty XIX–Third Intermediate Period (ca. 1188–712 B.C.), From Bubastis, Silver (07.228.187)
Lotiform Cup, Third Intermediate Period, Dynasty 22, ca. 945–715 B.C., Egyptian, Egyptian faience (26.7.971)
Palette inscribed for Smendes, High Priest of Amun, Dynasty 21 (ca. 1045–992 B.C.), Egyptian; Probably from Upper Egypt, Thebes, Wood, ink, reed (47.123a–g)
Ptah, Third Intermediate Period, ca. 1070–712 B.C., Egyptian, Bronze, gold leaf, and glass (2009.175)
Ram head for attachment, Third Intermediate Period, Dynasty 21–25, ca. 1070–664 B.C., Egypt, Leaded bronze, precious metal leaf, copper alloy inlay in eye rims (45.2.9)
Section from the "Book of the Dead" of Nany, Third Intermediate Period, Dynasty 21, reigns of Psensennes I–II, ca. 1040–945 B.C., Egyptian; Western Thebes, Painted and inscribed papyrus (30.3.31)
Statuette of Amun, Third Intermediate Period, Dynasty 22, ca. 945–715 B.C., Egyptian, Gold (26.7.1412)