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European Art in the Nineteenth Century

European Art in the Nineteenth Century

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Andromache and Astyanax, 1814–24, Pierre Paul Prud'hon (French), completed by Charles Boulanger de Boisfrémont (French), Oil on canvas (25.100.14)
"Bleu de Deck" bowl, ca. 1870–80, Joseph-Théodore Deck (French, 1823–1891), Glazed earthenware (1993.313)
Bottle vase, ca. 1890, Ernest Chaplet (French, 1835–1909), Porcelain (2013.478)
City and Country, ca. 1865, Jules-Ferdinand Jacquemart (French), Etching (2012.163.516)
Flask with face, ca. 1890, Jean-Joseph Carriès (French, 1855–1894), Glazed stoneware (2013.489)
Frontispiece for an album of the Société des Aquafortistes, 1865, Félix Bracquemond (French), Etching; second and final state (63.625.11)
Headquarters of the Société des Aquafortistes, 1864, Adolphe-Martial Potément, called Martial (French), Etching (50.616.15)
Jardinière with landscape, ca. 1880, Haviland & Co. (American and French, 1864–1931); decorator: Émile Justin Merlot (French, 1839–1900), Earthenware (2013.239.21)
The Milliner, 1877, August Renoir (French), Pastel on paper (1974.356.34)
Mlle. Victorine in the Costume of an "Espada", 1862, Édouard Manet (French), Etching, aquatint, and bitten tone on laid paper; final state of three (69.550)
Morphine Addicts, 1887, Paul-Albert Besnard (French), Etching (67.793.15)
Philip Stanhope Worsley, 1866, Julia Margaret Cameron (British), Albumen silver print from glass negative (2005.100.27)
The Pink Dress (Albertie-Marguerite Carré, later Madame Ferdinand-Henri Himmes, 1854–1935), ca. 1870, Berthe Morisot (French), Oil on canvas (2003.20.8)
Plates from Treatise on Etching, 1866, Maxime-François-Antoine Lalanne (French), Etchings (59.500.789, .790)
Portrait of Charles Meryon, in profile, 1854, Félix Bracquemond (French), Etching on thin wove paper; second of three states (17.78.60)
Portrait of Huysmans, from L'Estampe originale, Album VI, 1894, Eugène Delâtre (French), Etching and aquatint, in three colors (22.82.1-51)
Portrait of Meryon, 1853, Félix Bracquemond (French), Etching on laid paper; first state (40.63.13)
Still Life with Jar, Cup, and Apples, ca. 1877, Paul Cézanne (French), Oil on canvas (29.100.66)
Title page to Eaux-fortes par Bracquemond, 1854, Félix Bracquemond (French), Etching (26.28.73)
Title page to the suite Eaux-fortes sur Paris, 1852, Charles Meryon (French), Etching on brown wove paper; first state (63.606.11)
The Vampire, 1853, Charles Meryon (French), Etching in brown ink on green laid paper; fifth state of ten (29.107.108)
Vase soliflore, ca. 1889–94, Jean-Joseph Carriès (French, 1855–1894), Glazed stoneware (2006.83)
Vase with face, 1892–93, Pierre-Adrien Dalpayrat (French, 1844–1910); maker: Alphonse Voisin-Delacroix (Swiss, 1857–1893), Stoneware (2013.481)
Vase with rooster, ca. 1884, Édouard-Alexandre Dammouse (French, 1850–1903); factory director: Ernest Chaplet (French, 1835–1909); manufactory: Haviland & Co. (American and French, 1864–1931), Stoneware (2013.473)
Wedding Ensemble, 1864, French, White cotton organdy (26.250.2a–e)
Whalers, ca. 1845, Joseph Mallord William Turner (British), Oil on canvas (96.29)
Young Man, Seated, in a Velvet Beret, after Rembrandt, 1857, Edgar Degas (French) after Rembrandt (Rembrandt van Rijn) (Dutch), Etching; only state (1977.500)