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Other Figures from Hebrew Scriptures

Figure, Biblical, Hebrew Scriptures, Other

Works of Art (13)

Abraham and Isaac, Rembrandt (Rembrandt van Rijn) (Dutch), Etching and burin; only state (29.107.26)
Abraham Sacrificing Isaac, late 19th century, Iran, Opaque watercolors and ink on paper (1970.275)
Abraham, Noah, Moses, David, ca. 1408–10, Lorenzo Monaco (Piero di Giovanni) (Italian, Florentine), Tempera on wood, gold ground (65.14.1–.4)
Biblia Italica (Italian Bible), Book 2: Frontispiece (signature AA1), Translator: Niccolò Malermi (or Malerbì), Venice: Giovanni Ragazzo for Lucantonio Giunta, October 15, 1490, Book with printed text and woodcut illustrations, handcolored (33.66)
A Dominican Friar [Petrus de Cruce?] and a Companion below the Dragon's Tower, ca. 1417–20, Fra Angelico (Italian), Pen and brush with brown ink, on parchment (1972.118.260)
The Gathering of Manna: From a set of Old Testament prefigurations of the Eucharist and Passion of Christ, 1595–96, Designed by Alessandro Allori (Italian, Florentine); workshop of Guasparri di Bartolomeo Papini, Florence, Italian, Wool and silk (2004.165)
Hagar in the Wilderness, 1835, Camille Corot (French), Oil on canvas (38.64)
Landscape with Moses and the Burning Bush, 1610–16, Domenichino (Domenico Zampieri) (Italian, Bolognese), Oil on copper (1976.155.2)
Last Supper, triptych, 1515–20, Netherlandish (Antwerp Mannerist) Painter, Oil on wood (17.190.18a–c)
Moses and Aaron before Pharaoh: An Allegory of the Dinteville Family, 1537, Master of the Dinteville Allegory (Netherlandish or French), Oil on wood (50.70)
Panel from a Tree of Jesse Window, 14th century, German (Swabia), Pot-metal glass, vitreous paint (22.25a-f)
Scarf with Old Testament scenes, 1648, India, Linen and silk thread (50.73)
Scenes from the Life of Abraham, mid-17th century, English, Linen worked with silk thread; tent and couching stitches (64.101.1306)