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Brass from South and Southeast Asia

Metalwork, Brass, South and Southeast Asia

Works of Art (8)

Box with lid, late 16th century, India, the Deccan (Bidar), Metal alloy inlaid with brass and silver (1996.3ab)
Breast defense (peytral) from a horse armor, 15th–17th century, Tibetan or Mongolian, Leather, iron, brass or copper alloy, silver, gold, shellac, pigments, textile, and hair (1999.36)
Dholaka, late 19th century, India, Wood, skin, brass, cord (89.4.165)
Flat cane shield with iron struts, possibly 14th–16th century, Tibetan, Cane, iron, and brass (2001.55)
Ghanti, second half of 19th century, North India, Brass (89.4.154)
Head defense for a horse (shaffron), 15th–17th century, Tibetan or Mongolian, Iron, leather, and brass or copper alloy (1997.242d)
Huqqa base, last quarter of 17th century, India, Deccan, Bidar, Alloy inlaid with brass (1984.221)
Sankh, 19th century, Kerala State, India, Shell (spyrum turbonella), brass, wax (1986.12)