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Medieval Art

Medieval Art

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Baptismal Font, ca. 1155–1170, From the Monastery of Saint-Trond, Wellen; Made in Liège, South Netherlands, Dark calciferous limestone (47.101.21)
Bath scraper, 12th–13th century, Iran, Earthenware; unglazed, molded in relief (26.102.7)
Comb, 13th century, Egypt, Wood; carved, sawn, drilled, and painted (38.118.17)
Corbel with Five Interlaced Hair-Pulling Acrobats, second half of 12th century, Aquitaine, France, Limestone (34.21.2)
Cup, third quarter of 14th century, Bohemian, Prague, Jasper, gilded silver (2000.504)
Curtains of the Tabernacle, 1360–80
From the Postilla litteralis of Nicholas of Lyra, France (Paris), Opaque watercolor, iron gall ink, and gold on vellum (2011.20.1)
Doorway, mid-12th century, French, Touraine; from the Church of Saint-Sulpice at Coulangé, near Tours, Limestone (25.120.878)
Enthroned Virgin, 1490–1500, Lower or Upper Austria, Linden wood with gesso, paint, and gilding (2010.446)
Ewer, ca. 1350–80, mounts ca. 1400, German or Rhenish, Jasper, gilded silver (17.190.610)
Head of a Bearded Man, 1355–80, Bohemian (Prague), Pen and ink, brush and gray black and brown ink, traces of white heightening, on white laid paper (2003.29)
Lancet Windows, ca. 1250–1300, French, Normandy, Limestone (35.143.1–.3)
Lion from a Frieze, after 1200, Spanish; Made in Burgos, Castile-León, Fresco, mounted on canvas (31.38.1a)
Medallion with the face of Christ, ca. 1380–1400, Made in the lands of the Teutonic Knights (present-day Poland), Baltic amber with traces of paint (2011.503)
St. Nicholas Accuses the Consul from Scenes from the Life of St. Nicholas, ca. 1200–1210, French, Picardy, from the cathedral of Saint-Gervais-et-Saint-Protais at Soissons, Pot-metal glass, vitreous paint (1980.263.3)
Virgin, ca. 1250, Alsace, Strasbourg (modern France), Sandstone with original paint and gilding (47.101.11)