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Ottonian Medieval Art

Medieval Art, Ottonian Art

Works of Art (7)

Brooch, 970–1030, Ottonian (probably northern Italy), Gold with pearls, glass, and cloisonné enamel (17.191.7)
Panel with Christ and the Four Symbols of the Evangelists, carved ca. 1050, Ottonian (possibly Fulda, Germany), Ivory (17.190.51)
Panel with the Evangelist Mark and His Symbol, carved 1000–1100, Ottonian (probably Cologne, Germany), Ivory (17.190.36)
Plaque with Christ in Majesty and the Four Evangelists, 1000–1100; mounted on a 15th-century Lectionary, Ottonian (probably Cologne, Germany), Ivory (41.100.169)
Plaque with Otto I presenting the Cathedral of Magdeburg, 962–968, Ottonian; From the Cathedral of Magdeburg, probably made in Milan, northern Italy, Ivory (41.100.157)
Ring, 10th–11th century, Germany (Ottonian), Gold with cloisonné enamel (2004.274)
Star-Shaped Brooch with Intaglio, setting 960–1000, intaglio 337–361, Ottonian (setting), Byzantine (intaglio), Gold with pearls and star sapphire (1988.15)

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