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Gold from Central America

Metalwork, Gold, Mesoamerica and Central America

Works of Art (18)

Bat-Nosed Figure Pendant, 12th–16th century, Panama; Parita, Gold, whale tooth (1979.206.1155)
Bat-Nosed Figure Pendant, 13th–16th century, Costa Rica; Diquís, Cast gold, 1977 (66.196.17)
Bird Pendant, 9th–16th century, Colombia; Muisca, Cast gold (1979.206.509)
Curly-Tailed Animal Pendant, 4th–5th century, Panama; Initial style, Gold (91.1.1166)
Double Crocodile Pendant, 8th–10th century, Panama; Macaracas, Gold, quartz (1979.206.733)
Double-Eagle Pendant, 1st–5th century, Panama; Initial style, Gold (1979.206.538)
Double-End Animal Pendant, 5th–8th century, Panama; Conte (?), Gold (1991.419.18)
Eagle Pendant, 11th–16th century, Costa Rica (Chiriquí), Cast gold (1977.187.22)
Eagle Pendant, 11th–16th century, Panama; Veraguas, Cast gold (1979.206.907)
Frog Ornaments, 15th–early 16th century, Mexico (Mixtec/Aztec), Cast gold (1998.39.1–.20)
Frog Pendant, 11th–16th century, Costa Rica; Chiriquí, Gold (1991.419.1)
Masked Figure Pendant, 11th–16th century, Panama; Veraguas, Gold (1979.206.777)
Pectoral Disk, 11th–16th century, Panama; Veraguas (?), Hammered gold (1977.187.28)
Pendant, 4th–10th century, Colombia; Capulí, Hammered gold (1977.187.21)
Staff Head with Owl, 5th–10th century, Colombia; Sinú Cast gold (1979.206.920)
Stylized Figure Pendant, 5th–7th century, Panama; International Style, Gold (66.196.35)
Two Nose Ornaments, 5th–10th century, Colombia; Sinú, Cast gold (1979.206.541,.545)

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