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Silver from South America

Metalwork, Silver, South America

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Ceremonial Knife (tumi), 9th–11th century, Peru, Sicán (Lambayeque), Gold, silver, turquoise (1974.271.60)
Monstrance, 1646, Attributed to Diego de Atienzia (Spanish, Guadalajara), Peruvian, Silver gilt, enamel (32.100.231a,b)
Nose ornament with intertwined serpents, 2nd–3rd century, Peru; Moche, Gold, silver, shell (1979.206.1225)
Pair of earflares with condors, 2nd–3rd century, Peru; Moche, Gold, silver, gilt copper, shell (1979.206.1245,.1246)
Panpiper Vessel, 14th–15th century, Peru; Chimú, Silver, malachite (1978.412.219)

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