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Bacchanal with a Wine Vat, 1470s, Andrea Mantegna (Italian, Paduan), Engraving and drypoint (1986.1159)
Brooch, 1868, Tiffany & Company (American), Gold, pearls, black enamel, hair (2000.556)
Brooch, ca. 1850, Maker unknown, American, Gold, jet, crystal, hair (2000.557)
Calvary, late 17th–early 18th century, German or Netherlandish(?), Ivory, ebony (50.182a–g)
Entombment of Christ, ca. 1390–1405, French (Paris), Opaque and translucent enamel on gold (1982.60.398)
Evening gown, 1902, English, Silk, sequins (C.I.37.44.1)
Figures of the Mourning Virgin and Saint John, ca. 1744–45, Italian; Capodimonte, Soft-paste porcelain (45.7 cm)
Funeral of Isfandiyar: Page from a Manuscript of the Shahnama (Book of Kings), Detached folio from an illustrated manuscript, ca. 1330–1335; Ilkhanid, Firdausi, Author, Tabriz, Iran, Ink and colors on paper (33.70)
Funerary Carving (Malagan), late 19th–early 20th century, Northern New Ireland, Wood, paint, shell opercula (1979.206.1474)
Funerary plaque, ca. 520–510 B.C.; Archaic, black-figure, Greek, Attic, Terracotta (54.11.5)
George Henry Remsen, ca. 1790, William Verstille (American), Watercolor on ivory (68.222.10)
Grave stele with a family group, ca. 360 B.C.; Classical, Greek, Attic, Pentelic marble (11.100.2)
The Iranians Mourn the Death of Farud and Jarira: From the Shahnama (Book of Kings) of Shah Tahmasp, ca. 1525–30, Attributed to Mirza Muhammad Qabahat, Iran, Tabriz, Colors, ink, silver, and gold on paper (1970.301.35)
Lace flounce, 1867, Verdé, Delisle and Company, French (Paris), Linen (43.37.1)
Lamentation Group, dated 1487, Italian (Faenza), probably made for a Franciscan church or convent near Faenza, Tin-glazed earthenware (majolica) (04.26a-h)
Lamentation over the Dead Christ. Nicolas Poussin (French), Pen and brown ink (61.123.1)
Lamentation, 1591, Scipione Pulzone (Il Gaetano) (Italian, Roman), Oil on canvas (1984.74)
The Lamentation, 1603, Domenichino (Domenico Zampieri) (Italian, Bolognese), Oil on copper (2008.72)
The Lamentation, ca. 1450, Petrus Christus (Netherlandish), Oil on wood (91.26.12)
Lamentation, ca. 1510–20, Attributed to Jan de Beer (Netherlandish), Pen and black ink, over traces of black chalk (2001.189)
The Lamentation, ca. 1582, Ludovico Carracci (Italian, Bolognese), Oil on canvas (2000.68)
Lamentation, recto and verso, early 1470s, Simon Marmion (French), Oil and tempera(?) on oak panel (1975.1.128)
Locket, 1706, Boston, Gold, hair, crystal (2000.532)
Male Reliquary Figure, 19th century, Gabon or Democratic Republic of Congo; Ambete, Wood, pigment, metal, cowrie shells (2002.456.17)
The Man of Sorrows, mid-14th century, Central Italy, Gilt copper, champlevé enamel (1982.480)
Mask (Dagak), mid- to late 19th century, Kanak peoples, northern Grande Terre Island, New Caledonia, Wood (1983.17)
Mater Dolorosa (Mourning Virgin), 18th century, Sino-Spanish, Wood with pigments, gilding, ivory, and silver (2002.133a,b)
Memorial Crazy quilt, ca. 1877, Made by Tamar Horton Harris North (American), North Landing, Indiana, Silk, silk velvet, cotton, and cotton lace (1983.349)
Mourner, ca. 1453, Étienne Bobillet (Franco-Netherlandish); Paul de Mosselman (Franco-Netherlandish), French, Alabaster (17.190.386,389)
The Mourning of Pallas, Anne-Louis Girodet-Trioson (French), Pen and brown ink, brush and gray and brown wash, heightened with white (1996.567)
Mourning Victory from the Melvin Memorial, 1906–8; this carving, 1912–15, Daniel Chester French (American), Marble (15.75)
Mourning Virgin, from a Crucifixion Group, ca. 1585–90, Manner of Germain Pilon (French), Gilt bronze (1998.437)
Processional Cross, late 11th–early 12th century, Spanish; Made in Asturias, Silver, partially gilt on wood core, carved gems, jewels (17.190.1406)
Relief: Lamentation beneath the Cross, carved 1632, Adam Lenckhart (German), Italy, Ivory (24.80.87)
Reliquary of the True Cross (Staurotheke), late 8th–early 9th century, Byzantine; Made in Constantinople, Cloisonné enamel, silver, silver-gilt, gold, niello (17.190.715ab)
Seated Figure (Tumba), 19th–20th century, Democratic Republic of Congo; Kongo, Bamboma, Steatite (1978.412.573)
Seated Figure, 13th century, Mali, Inland Niger Delta region; Djenné, Terracotta (1981.218)
Seated Male Figure, 19th–20th century, Democratic Republic of Congo; Kongo, Yombe, Wood, glass, metal, kaolin (1996.281)
Self-Portrait, Salvator Rosa (Italian, Neapolitan), Oil on canvas (21.105)
Terracotta lekythos (oil flask), ca. 420 B.C.; red-figure and white-ground, Attributed to the Eretria Painter, Greek, Attic, Classical, Terracotta (31.11.13)
Tomb Effigy of Ermengol VII, 1320–1340, Spanish; From the Church of Santa María de Bellpuiq de las Avellanes, Catalonia, Limestone, polychromy (28.95)
Triptych with Scenes from the Passion, ca. 1400–1420, French; Made in Paris, Silver, partially gilt (17.190.369)
TThe Son Who Mourned His Father: Folio from the Mantiq al-tair (The Language of the Birds) of Farid al-Din 'Attar, Timurid period (1370–1507), dated A.H. 892 / A.D. 1487, Present-day Afghanistan, Herat, Opaque watercolor, silver, and gold on paper (63.210.35)
Tube Zither (Sesando or Sasandu), late 19th century, Indonesia, Nusa Tenggara, Timor Island, Bamboo, wood, palm leaves, metal wire (89.4.1489)
Wine Cup, Joseon dynasty, 15th century, Korea, White porcelain (17.175.1)

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