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Sculpture in the Round from the Low Countries

Sculpture, in the Round, Europe, Low Countries

Works of Art (13)

Apollo, ca. 1595–97, Adriaen de Vries (Netherlandish), Bronze (41.190.534)
Baptismal Font, ca. 1155–1170, From the Monastery of Saint-Trond, Wellen; Made in Liège, South Netherlands, Dark calciferous limestone (47.101.21)
Calvary, late 17th–early 18th century, German or Netherlandish(?), Ivory, ebony (50.182a–g)
Charity, mid-16th century, Franco-Flemish, Alabaster (65.110)
Cupid on a Lion, ca. 1675–90, Mattheus van Beveren (Flemish), Flemish, Ivory, ebony base (1980.220)
Enthroned Virgin and Child, 1210–1220, Said to be from the priory of Oignies, Belgium, Oak with traces of paint (41.190.283)
Head of Christ, late 15th–early 16th century, Netherlands, North Brabant, Limestone, traces of wood (1983.406)
Lamentation with Sorrowing Angels, 17th century, Workshop of Mattheus van Beveren (Flemish), Flemish, Boxwood (64.164.242)
Rods on Round Background, 1963, Pol Bury (Belgian), Wood and metal (1981.167)
Saint John the Baptist, ca. 1420–1430, German or South Netherlandish, Alabaster (1995.412)
Saint Joseph and the Christ Child, second half of 17th century, Attributed to Nicolaas van der Veken (Flemish), Flemish, Boxwood (1971.68)
Triptych on Stand, 1500–1515, South Netherlandish, Boxwood (17.190.453)
Virgin and Child, late 16th century, German or Netherlandish, Ivory (24.80.89a,b)