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Tapestry in Silk from Europe

Tapestry, Silk, Europe

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Aglauros's Vision of the Bridal Chamber of Herse, from the Story of Mercury and Herse, designed ca. 1540, woven ca. 1570, Workshop of Willem de Pannemaker (Flemish), Made/manufactured: Brussels, Southern Netherlands, Wool, silk, silver (41.190.135)
Angeli Laudantes, 1898, Edward Burne-Jones (designer) (English); John Henry Dearle (designer) (British); Merton Abbey Tapestry Works (English), Merton, Surrey, England, Wool and silk weft on cotton warp (2008.8)
Drowning of Britomartis, 1547–59, Probably designed by Jean Cousin the Elder (French); possibly woven by Pierre Blasse the Younger and Jacques Langlois (both French), Wool and silk (42.57.1)
The Gathering of Manna: From a set of Old Testament prefigurations of the Eucharist and Passion of Christ, 1595–96, Designed by Alessandro Allori (Italian, Florentine); workshop of Guasparri di Bartolomeo Papini, Florence, Italian, Wool and silk (2004.165)
Hunters in a Landscape, ca. 1575–95, England (probably London), Wool and silk (2009.280)
Last Supper, from a set of four tapestries of the Passion, known as the Alba Passion, ca. 1520–30, Bernaert van Orley (Netherlandish); Probably designed by Pieter de Pannemaker (Netherlandish), Flemish, Wool, silk, and silver-gilt thread (1975.1.1915)
The Liberation of Oriane, ca. 1590–95, Karel van Mander I (Netherlandish); workshop of Frans Spiering, Delft, Wool and silk (2006.36)
Neptune from the "Doria Grotesques", designed 1545, woven ca. 1550, Designed by Perino del Vaga (Italian), Wool and silk (2011.14)
Table cover with story of Gombaut and Macée, ca. 1600, French, Wool and silk on canvas (54.7.1)
The Triumph of Fame, from a set of The Triumphs of Petrarch, ca. 1502–4, Flemish (probably Brussels), Wool and silk tapestry (1998.205)
The Unicorn Defends Himself, 1495–1505, South Netherlandish, Wool and silk (37.80.4)
Wall panels, ca. 1799, Designer: Jean Démosthène Dugourc (French); Maker: Camille Pernon (French), France (Lyon), Woven silk and metal thread with applied silk and chenille embroidery (2006.519a,b)