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Vessel from the Iberian Peninsula

Vessel, Europe, Iberian Peninsula

Works of Art (9)

Basin with a Horseman Spearing a Serpent, 1390–1400, Spanish (Valencia?), Lustered earthenware (41.100.173)
Bottle (Refredador), first half of 16th century, Spanish (Valencia), Tin-glazed earthenware with luster decoration (94.4.358)
Bowl with arms of the Dazzi family, 1430–60, Spanish; Manises, Valencia, Tin-glazed earthenware (56.171.156)
Chalice, ca. 1380, Spanish; Catalonia, Barcelona, Silver, silver gilt, and translucent enamel (1988.66)
Deep Dish (brasero), ca. 1430, Spanish (Valencia), Tin-enamelled earthenware (56.171.162)
Ewer, 7th–6th century B.C., Phoenician; [Spain?], Bronze (55.121.1)
Pair of vases, ca. 1784–95, Spanish; Buen Retiro, Soft-paste porcelain (42.30.17ab,.18ab)
Plaque, 10th–early 11th century; Caliphal, Attributed to Córdoba, Spain, Ivory, quartz, pigment (13.141)
Pyxis, 10th century (950–975); Caliphal, Spanish; Made in Andalusia, Ivory (1970.324.5)