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Polychromed Wood

Wood, Polychromed

Works of Art (23)

Altar Angels, late 13th century, French, Oak with traces of polychromy (52.33.1,2)
Baptism of Christ, ca. 1480–1490, Pupil of Veit Stoss, Cracow, Lindenwood (12.130.1)
Cabinet on stand, ca. 1700–1710, Attributed to Jan van Mekeren (Dutch), Dutch; Amsterdam, Oak veneered with kingwood, tulipwood, rosewood, ebony, olive wood, holly, and other marquetry woods (1995.371)
Calvary Scene, 18th century, Ecuadoran (Quito), Wood, polychromed and gilded, with glass eyes and silver attachments (64.164.230–.233)
Coach painter's sign, 1800–1810, Made by J. Mason (American), Painted wood (1970.190)
Crib of the Infant Jesus, 15th century, South Netherlandish; Made in Brabant, Carved and polychromed oak, copper gilt, silver gilt, painted parchment, and silk embroidered with seed pearls, gold thread, tinsel, and translucent enamels (1974.121a–d)
Crucifix, second half of 12th century, Spanish; From the convent of Santa Clara de Astudillo, Palencia, Cross: red pine, polychromy, textured gilt, and glass; Christ: white oak and polychromy (35.36a, b)
Enthroned Virgin, late 12th century, Scandinavian, perhaps from Gotland, Poplar with remains of polychromy (17.190.716)
Gift-Bearing Figures (from a Nativity Group), 18th century, Guatemalan, Wood, polychromed and gilded (64.164.176–.179)
Holy Family with Saints Anne and Joachim, Relief, 16th century (1567–68), Diego de Pesquera (Spanish), Made in Spain, Wood, polychromed and gilded (45.128.5)
Hungarian-style Shield, ca. 1500–1550, Eastern European, Wood, leather, gesso, polychromy (49.57.1)
Nativity Group with Angel, 18th century, Guatemalan, Wood, polychromed and gilded, with glass eyes and silver-gilt halos (64.164.168ab–.172)
Nativity Scene, 18th century, Ecuadoran, with Hispano-Philippine ivory inserts, Bodies of wood, polychromed and gilded; faces and shoulders, ivory touched up with polychromy (64.164.172–.174)
Panel, 14th century; Marinid, Morocco, Carved and polychromed wood (1985.241)
Parade shield, late 16th century, Venice, Wood, leather, iron, silver, varnish, and polychromy (42.50.31)
Saint Barbara, ca. 1490, German, probably Strasbourg, Alsace (present-day France), Lindenwood and polychromy (55.166)
Saint John the Baptist, Juan Martínez Montañés (Spanish), Gilt and polychromed wood (63.40)
Shield, ca. 1535, Attributed to Girolamo da Treviso (Italian), Italian (probably Bologna), Wood, linen, gesso, gold leaf, polychromy (42.50.16)
Standing Angel, 18th century, Ecuadoran (Quito), Wood, polychromed and gilded (64.164.234)
Statue of Kashyapa, Joseon dynasty, dated 1700, Korea, Wood with polychrome (42.25.8)
Tournament Shield (Targe), ca. 1450, German, Wood, leather, linen, gesso, polychromy, silver (25.26.1)
Virgin and Child in Majesty, 1150–1200, French; Made in Auvergne, Walnut with paint, tin relief on a lead white ground and linen (16.32.194a, b)
Virgin of Quito, second half of 18th century, After a model by Bernardo Legarda, Ecuadoran (Quito), Wood, polychromed and gilded (64.164.236)

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