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Works of Art is composed of the nearly 6,000 works featured on the Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History and does not include all of the works in The Metropolitan Museum of Art's collection. This search feature does not include information about the subject matter of the works of art. For queries concerning content and broader themes in art history, consult the Subject, Artist, or Thematic Essay indexes. To research available object records in the Museum's permanent collection, consult The Metropolitan Museum of Art's Collections.

How to Read a Caption

A caption gives basic information about a work of art.


Titles appear in boldface.


Titles are usually followed by a date or date range.


The name and nationality of the artist/maker(s) of the work of art are given, if known.

Country or Culture of Origin

The country or culture of origin indicates the geographic area where the work of art was made or found and may be followed by a specific city or region.

Medium and Dimensions

The medium describes the material(s) that the work of art is made of. Dimensions of the work of art are given in inches and centimeters.

Credit Line

The credit line indicates how a work came into the permanent collection or how it came to be on view at the Metropolitan Museum. "Bequest," "gift," "purchase," and "loan" are some of the terms used to indicate sources. The assigned credit line remains with the work of art throughout its life at the Museum. The year of accession is given at the end of the credit line.

Accession Number

The Metropolitan Museum of Art assigns a unique accession number to each object it acquires. The first two or four digits of an accession number refer to the year that the object became part of the Metropolitan's collection. The Museum was founded in 1870 and for the first 100 years of its existence two digits were used. Thus, the first item accessioned into the Museum has the number 70.1 because it was accessioned in 1870. More »


Some works of art from the twentieth and twenty-first centuries may have a copyright line beginning with the copyright symbol [©].


Descriptions of works of art are written by the curatorial staff.
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