Marble cinerary chest with lid

Period: Imperial, Flavian or Trajanic

Date: ca. A.D. 90–110

Culture: Roman

Medium: Marble

Dimensions: H. with cover 21 3/8 in. (54.3 cm)

Classification: Stone Sculpture

Credit Line: Fletcher Fund, 1927

Accession Number: 27.122.2a, b


The Latin inscription reads: "To the spirits of the dead. M. Domitius Primigenius made [this] for himself, his freedmen and freedwomen, and their descendants." Above is a scene in which the deceased, standing on a pedestal, making an offering to a female figure, perhaps Tellus (mother earth), who reclines on a couch bedecked with flowers. They are attended by two young servants, holding food and wine. The chest is in the form of a pedimental building, with flaming torches taking the place of columns at the corners.