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MetCollects is an online series that celebrates works of art that are new to the Museum's collection. Each episode debuts a new acquisition, looking at the object or artwork through the fresh eyes of photographers and the enthusiastic voices of The Met's curators, leading scholars, and sometimes the living artists themselves. The monthly series launched in 2014 and published its fiftieth episode in March 2018.

When it was founded in 1870, The Metropolitan Museum of Art did not own a single work of art. Now, we are one of the greatest art collections in the world, with objects spanning more than five thousand years of history from every corner of the globe. Over eighty-five percent of our collection was given by gift. Some of these contributions are well known: from legendary figures like Morgan, Altman, Annenberg, Havemeyer, Wrightsman, and Leonard Lauder—extraordinary people who wanted to share the art they love with the public. Many other works of art came to the Museum individually, often filling a critical gap or strengthening already robust holdings. Collectively, this generosity built the magnificent Met that we know today.

In addition, The Met's curators constantly seek out works of art to propose for acquisition. The process of having these purchases approved is a rigorous and scholarly one, with strong involvement from the director, a special committee of the Trustees, and from donors whose support is crucial to this activity.

Why does a museum as large as The Met need to expand its collection? The answer is simple: Works of art are the very heart of what we do and the stories that we tell, and a collection that grows is one that evolves-intellectually, geographically, culturally. It can take just one object to give us a new perspective on another, or ask questions of us that we never before considered, or change the way a single visitor sees the world. That is our mission, and the reason why The Met remains such a vibrant and relevant institution.


Head of Content Sofie Andersen
Executive Producer Sarah Wambold
Producer and Editor Sarah Cowan
Production Coordinator Bryan Martin
Web Producer Bryan Martin, Rachel Smith

Video Editors Sarah Cowan, Alex Guns, Kate Farrell, Stephanie Wuertz
Animator Stephanie Wuertz
Original Music Austin Fisher

Photography Erica Allen, Joseph Coscia, Jr., Katherine Dahab, Anna-Marie Kellen, Paul Lachenauer, Oi-Cheong Lee, Mark Morosse, Bruce J. Schwarz, Hyla Skopitz, Eugenia Tinsley, Eileen Travell, Juan Trujillo, Karin L. Willis, Peter Zeray
Imaging Scott Geffert, Chris Heins

Rights and Permissions Jeri Wagner, Julie Zeftel

Former Project Staff and Advisors
MetCollects has involved countless individuals since its inception in 2014.

Executive Producer Thomas P. Campbell
Series Advisor Carrie Rebora Barratt
Series Director Christopher Noey
Series Producer Teresa Lai

Web Producer and Editor Dana Miller
Managing Editor Michael Cirigliano II
Web Producer Austin Fisher
Video Editor Dia Felix
Copy Editor Philomena Mariani
Design Natasha Mileshina
Development Andrew Carpenter
Photo Editor Jackie Neale
Imaging Kathryn Hurni, Heather Johnson, Thomas B. Ling, Wilson Santiago
Additional Production Amy Liebster

Transcription Denise Rohlfs
Rights and Permissions Eileen Sullivan

Special Thanks Denise Allen, Stijn Alsteens, Ian Alteveer, Dita Amory, Joan Aruz, Kelly Baum, Carrie Rebora Barratt, Peter Bell, Monika Bincsik, Yaëlle Biro, Barbara Boehm, Andrew Bolton, Einar Brendalen, Barbara Bridgers, Christine Burgin, John Byck, Sheila Canby, John T. Carpenter, Keith Christiansen, Michael Cirigliano, Alison Clark, Anita Contini, Sharon Cott, Christine Coulson, Annick Desroches, Annie Dolmatch, Kimberly Drew, David Driskell, Ashley Dunn, Maryam Ekhtiar, Douglas Eklund, Robert A. Ellison Jr., Alyce Englund, Helen Evans, Mia Fineman, Bill Gagen, Michael Gallagher, George Goldner, Randall Griffey, John Guy, Navina Haidar, Marva Harvey, Maxwell K. Hearn, Morrison Heckscher, Seán Hemingway, Lauren Hesse, Marsha Hill, Melanie Holcomb, Cynthia Iavarone, Shanay Jhaveri, Ronda Kasl, Colin Kennedy, William Kentridge, Harold Koda, Elizabeth Kornhauser, Alisa LaGamma, Leonard A. Lauder, Caleb Leech, Jonathan Lee, Christopher Lightfoot, Dorothy Mahon, C. Griffith Mann, Omari Mizrahi, J. Kenneth Moore, Rodney Moore, Jeff Munger, Lauren Nemroff, Taylor Newby, Matthew Noiseux, Nadine Orenstein, Amy O'Reilly Rizzi, Kevin Park, Diana Craig Patch, Carlos A. Picón, Joanne Pillsbury, Beatrice Pinto, Rebecca Rabinow, Lucy V. Redoglia, Meredith Reiss, Sabine Rewald, David Rhoads, Jeff L. Rosenheim, Cynthia Round, Jennifer Russell, Ranjani Shettar, Malia Simonds, Sree Sreenivasan, Juan Stacey, Neal Stimler, Denny Stone, Jeffrey W. Strickland, Elizabeth Sullivan, Luke Syson, Pierre Terjanian, Elyse Topalian, Jordan S. Tuch, Karen Van Godtsenhoven, Sheena Wagstaff, Anna Wall, William Wegman, Jill Wickenheisser, Eileen M. Willis, Sam Winks, Stephan Wolohojian, Hwai-Ling Yeh-Lewis, Sylvia Yount
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