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The Metropolitan Museum of Art's Connections invites its diverse staff to offer their personal perspectives on works of art in the Museum's vast collection. Their voices range from the authoritative to the highly subjective, and touch upon any number of themes and concepts.

Connections was a year-long series from 2011 comprising of 100 episodes, and inspires fresh ways to approach art.

At right: A special introduction from Director Thomas P. Campbell.

I'm Thomas Campbell. In my first few months as director of the Metropolitan Museum, some colleagues and I developed the idea of a series that would get people thinking about the Met's collection in a new way.

The result is Connections, an exploration of the Met's holdings by staff from around the Museum. These journeys through the collection are not driven so much by art history as by broad, often personal themes. Some are playful; some are deeply complex.

Here, as works of art are tied together—across time, cultures, and disciplines—we hear our staff's individual responses to these objects, and by extension, introduce new ways to travel through and understand the Met's incredible riches.

I hope people find these stories as intriguing as I do, and that they follow them as they appear throughout the year. If we're successful, our audience will be inspired to discover their own path through the Metropolitan Museum and find their own connection to some of the world's greatest works of art.

— Thomas P. Campbell, January 2011

Thomas P. Campbell on Connections

Small Things



The Ideal Man

The Ideal Woman



Religious Art




War and Conflict








Thomas Campbell discusses Connections in the Museum
Connections Feature

The main feature of Connections is a four-minute-long interactive audiovisual experience. Three additional juxtapositions of images are presented in In Time, In the World, and In the Museum.

Connections In Time
In Time

In Time places Museum works of art selected for a Connection against a timeline and allows visitors to view a linear, chronological outline of selected works.

Connections In the World
In the World

In the World places Museum works of art selected for a Connection against a world map and allows visitors to view a spatial, geographical outline of selected works.

Connections In the Museum
In the Museum

In the Museum summarizes Museum works of art selected for a Connection. In order of appearance in the Feature, it provides full object information, including links into the Museum's Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History and Collections, and location specifics.

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