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Meet the Fellows of the Ancient Near Eastern Art Department


Two individuals in the Assyrian Court, Gallery 401 at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Assyrian Court, Gallery 401, Metropolitan Museum of Art.

2021-2022 Fellows

Majdolene Dajani, Chester Dale Fellow
After receiving an MA in Art History and Archaeology from Columbia University, Dajani is currently pursuing a graduate degree in Library and Information Science at San José State University. Prior to becoming a fellow, she worked at the Morgan Library & Museum where she cataloged impressions of ancient seals and updated the online catalog’s terminology in accordance with DEAI efforts. 
Bianca Hand, Henry S. Blackwood Fellow

Hand is a PhD Candidate in the Department of the History of Art at Johns Hopkins University focusing on ancient Mesopotamian art. Her dissertation considers the role of alterity in the reliefs and architecture of the royal palace at Khorsabad, built by the Neo-Assyrian king Sargon II (721-705 BCE). She received her BA in Archaeology from the College of Wooster. 

Arvin Maghsoudlou, Andrew W. Mellon Fellow

A PhD candidate at the Department of Art History at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas, Maghsoudlou specializes in the art of the late antique Iranian world and Western Asia, particularly during the Sasanian and early Islamic periods. He studies the Sasanian and post-Sasanian silver vessels, with an emphasis on the objects' materiality, and the ways in which they were manufactured, circulated, and experienced in the late antique world.