Painting of a young woman with a baby on her back looking into the distance.

Back to School: P.S. Art 2023

Explore the annual exhibition where New York City's young artists take center stage.
Black and white image of the actor Charlie Chaplin dressed as the tramp, a white man in overalls in this scenario and a mustache where he is trapped between massive factory cogs that he is riding while also trying to tighten the bolts with both of his hands at the same time.

A More Perfect Union: American Political Art of the 1930s

The scholar Max Fraser considers how the Great Depression spurred a decade of art influenced by leftist politics.

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MetKids Microscope

The science behind the art (and the art behind the science!) at The Met.

The Artist Project

What artists see when they look at The Met


One Met Icon, New Perspectives

Frame of Mind

An Art & Wellness Podcast
Detail of the pamphlet for the Act Up Art Box with the text

A Short History of the ACT UP Art Box

"ACT UP felt like a collision of creativity, political fervor, and justifiable anger..."
Two construction workers onsite installing the Ming Garden in Astor Court.

Ming Garden, 1983 | From the Vaults

This short film from 1983 documents the installation of a Ming-style garden courtyard at The Met, the first permanent cultural exchange between the United States and the People’s Republic of China.

A pair of black men with feathers decorating their heads and body next to a cup covered with a lid

The Linsky Project: Reinterpreting Porcelain Figures

New interpretive labels help visitors navigate the role of the decorative arts in negotiating race, labor, colonialism, and global commerce.
bookshelf built into stairs

Exploring Art and Libraries

Highlights from the ARLIS/NA Conference in Mexico City
Sleeping Beauty wakes from her slumber

The Transforming Book

Conservation of a “Blow Book”
Text that reads

Celebrating the 14th Annual International Zine Month

A look at Watson Library’s growing collection of zines