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Chinese Art: Modern Expressions
Hearn, Maxwell K., and Judith G. Smith, eds., with contributions by Julia F. Andrews, Qianshen Bai, Jonathan Hay, Lothar Ledderose, Richard Vinograd, Wan Qingli, David Der-wei Wang, and Eugene Y. Wang (2001)
This title is out of print.

China's entry into the modern era was shaped by unprecedented internal turmoil and external pressures, which brought a forceful end to two millennia of imperial rule and cultural insularity. The essays in this volume offer a variety of perspectives on the impact of the West on indigenous literature, architecture, painting, and calligraphy during this period (ca. 1860–1980).

Papers prepared for an international symposium organized by The Metropolitan Museum of Art in conjunction with the exhibition "Nineteenth- and Twentieth-Century Chinese Paintings from the Robert H. Ellsworth Collection in The Metropolitan Museum of Art."

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