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Information/ North Garage Operational Guidelines

North Garage Operational Guidelines


The Metropolitan Museum of Art has designated the North Garage for all pickups and deliveries. It is a restricted access, non-public area. The Security Department oversees the screening process and controls all entry to and exit from the North Garage. All deliveries, pick-ups, and dock assignments are managed by the onsite Loading Dock Manager.

Vehicle Access and Check-in Process to Loading Docks

Still from security footage of the intersection of Fifth Avenue and 84th street, illustrating where vehicles should go to reach the loading dock

The entrance to the Museum Loading Dock is located at 84th Street and 5th Avenue. Vehicles may only access the Loading Dock from 5th Avenue. Vehicles may only exit the Loading Dock by turning right onto 5th Avenue. There is no direct access to or from the Loading Dock from 84th Street.

Traffic on the ramp is limited to one vehicle in either direction at a time and will be directed by Museum Security. In accordance with New York City law, vehicles may not idle on the service ramp.

To gain admittance to the garage, all vehicles (including personal vehicles) must be scheduled and approved in advance by Security.

Upon arrival, Museum Security will search all vehicles and vet all drivers and passengers.

All vehicle occupants must present a valid photo ID. Entry will be denied without a valid ID.

After security clearance, the onsite Loading Dock Manager will assign the vehicle to a loading bay.

Once the vehicle is loaded or unloaded, it must vacate the North Garage immediately, unless otherwise directed by Museum Security

IMPORTANT: Incoming and/or outgoing art has priority to the North Garage and docks. Security will determine and direct all activities to pause until art has been cleared from the area.

Pedestrian Access

Pedestrian delivery access is permitted from 84th Street and 5th Avenue. Pedestrians access the protected walkway at the top of the Museum's ramp. For safety, all pedestrians making deliveries must use the protected walkway located on the south side of the service ramp and enter and check-in through the Security Sentry Booth at the bottom of the ramp.

All pedestrians making deliveries must follow posted Museum signs for access.

IMPORTANT: Hand-carried deliveries are not permitted in the loading dock and must be delivered through the Security Sentry Booth.

North Garage Specifications

Height: 13' 6"
Ramp Width: 16'

Please note that the ramp width has been reduced for protected pedestrian access.

Trucks must be no longer than 30' long, and no higher than 12' 9". If your truck arrives, and exceeds these limits, it will not be permitted to gain entry.

Still from security footage illustrating the 16 foot berth for vehicles at the loading dock

Loading Dock Designations

Loading Bays One and Two
Location: Southside of the North Garage
Use: Art deliveries/shipments and general use
*Perishable items are not permitted to come into Loading Bays One and Two unless approved in advance by Facilities, Special Events, and/or Security.

Loading Bays Three and Four
Location: Westside of the North Garage
Use: Restaurant receiving

COVID-19 Screening

The Metropolitan Museum of Art is committed to supporting the effort to restrict the viral contagion of COVID-19 and is taking proactive measures to preserve the health and safety of our staff, Suppliers, and the communities we serve. As a result, the Museum has issued the following guidelines for Suppliers to follow while delivering to the Museum. These guidelines are effective for all Suppliers on-site until further notice and are subject to change as the recommendations and requirements issued by Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and New York State Department of Health Guidance (NYS Guidance) evolve.

Supplier's staff must be made aware of, and abide by, the guidelines established by the Museum.


Space on the loading dock and in the garage is limited, and therefore delivery of materials must have a designated destination within the Museum or be picked up by Museum staff immediately. Delivered goods must be not be left on the loading dock for storage (i.e. printer paper). All delivered goods must be checked in with Loading Dock Manager or signed for by designated Museum staff to complete the delivery.

The docks must also be kept clear of debris, such as materials and packaging.

Rules & Regulations

  • No eating or drinking on the loading dock.
  • Please do not take breaks or leave personal belongings at the loading dock.
  • Do not leave any personal garbage or equipment on the loading dock.
  • Clean up any spills or debris left on the loading dock floor.
  • Do not touch or take any product on the loading dock or borrow any of the equipment.
  • Suppliers must supply and use own equipment- e.g. dollies, hand trucks etc.
  • Suppliers must not congest the loading dock areas with their staff or equipment.
  • Only necessary staff may exit the cab of the vehicle while the delivery takes place.
  • Supplier is responsible for the disposable of all trash. Supplier is responsible for taking trash off-site.
  • Parking is not available in the North Garage without approval from the Security Department.
  • No vehicle may remain in the North Garage or on the 84th Street Ramp unattended.
  • Smoking, including electronic cigarettes, is NOT permitted.
  • All Suppliers who use the restaurant loading dock must limit operation of the Museum loading dock lifts to only employees who are knowledgeable in the safe operations of such lifts.