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Information/ Health & Safety Guidelines for Supplier Activities

Health & Safety Guidelines for Supplier Activities

Dated as of December 22, 2022

The Metropolitan Museum of Art remains committed to supporting the effort to restrict the viral contagion of COVID-19 and is taking proactive measures to preserve the health and safety of our staff, Suppliers, and the communities we serve. As a result, the Museum has issued the following guidelines for Suppliers (including independent contractors, temporary workers, and education workers) to follow while working at, or delivering to, the Museum. These guidelines are effective for all Suppliers on-site until further notice and are subject to change as the recommendations and requirements issued by The City of New York, Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and New York State Department of Health Guidance (NYS Guidance) evolve. The Museum is revising these Health & Safety Guidelines based on recent guidance from the CDC and the City of New York Health Department to limit the spread of COVID-19, as well as the flu and RSV. 

The Museum recommends that staff and Suppliers mask in public indoor and crowded outdoor settings at this time. The Museum also ask that Supplier’s staff that are not feeling well please stay home.

The Museum no longer requires that Suppliers send only vaccinated employees to perform work at the Museum. Supplier’s staff must be made aware of, and abide by, the following guidelines:

1. Suppliers performing work within the Museum must access The Met Fifth Avenue via the 84th Street entrance. Access to The Met Cloisters will be confirmed by the Museum Department Contact. Suppliers must follow Met staff instructions and must always yield to art movements within the premises and loading dock.

2. Face coverings and gloves should be worn where appropriate. On-site Suppliers shall be responsible for furnishing this equipment for their staff and ensuring that all equipment is properly maintained/cleaned and that used/discarded equipment is removed from the site.

3. Supplier’s staff must comply with all federal, state, and local laws, statutes, ordinances, orders, rules, and regulations related to the COVID-19 pandemic, including:

  • all applicable Governor’s Orders, NYS Guidance, and federal requirements; and
  • all applicable guidance and directives for maintaining a clean and safe work environment issued by the City and State Departments of Health, as well as the CDC, OSHA, and other federal agencies.

4. On-site Supplier’s staff should follow customary practices to avoid exposure to COVID-19, including frequent hand washing, use of hand sanitizer, covering coughs and sneezes appropriately, staying home when sick, and cleaning and disinfecting frequently touched surfaces daily or more often for such surfaces as shared tools. Supplier’s staff are responsible for cleaning and disinfecting their own equipment and tools.

5. Supplier must provide specific information to its Museum Department Contact as to job location, number of staff, and duration on-site. 

6. Any Supplier’s staff who tests positive for COVID-19 within the last 5 days, or who has symptoms of COVID-19 and suspects they have COVID-19, must not enter the Museum. These individuals must not enter the Museum until they have satisfied the applicable isolation guidance issued by the CDC (and, if applicable, New York State or New York City DOH). 

7. If a Supplier’s staff who has worked at the Museum within the last 5 days tests positive for COVID-19, the Supplier must notify the Museum Department Contact immediately. The specific areas where that Supplier employee has worked, passed through, and spent time must be disclosed in detail, including any proximate contact with any Museum staff. Any supplier's staff seeking to return to work onsite at the Museum must follow current CDC, New York State, and New York City DOH Guidance regarding return to work protocols and policies. Note: We do not need to know the name of the individual, only if this situation has arisen.

8. If a Supplier’s staff becomes symptomatic while on-site, the staff member must immediately leave the facility and notify the Supplier, who must then immediately notify the Museum Department Contact. Any supplier's staff seeking to return to work onsite at the Museum must follow current CDC, New York State, and New York City DOH Guidance regarding return to work protocols and policies. Note: We do not need to know the name of the individual, only if this situation has arisen.

9. For any notification of a positive COVID-19 test provided by Supplier in response to items 6,  7, and 8, above, the Supplier is expected to notify the necessary state and local health departments, if applicable, and cooperate with the state and local health departments.

10. Supplier is responsible for providing and properly maintaining and, if applicable, disposing of, all necessary Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), disinfectant wipes, and alcohol-based hand sanitizer for its staff. 

11. Suppliers must avoid bringing unnecessary items into the Museum to limit the need for Museum Security to check bags at the exits. 

12. Suppliers should not have anyone other than Supplier’s staff identified in item 6, above, on Museum premises, unless such staff has an explicit Museum Department Contact request. 

13. Suppliers may address all questions about these guidelines to the Museum Department Contact and/or the Procurement Department at or 212- 650-2990. 

The Metropolitan Museum of Art will continue to closely monitor the applicable governmental guidance and will inform Suppliers of any measures taken that apply to, or affect, our Suppliers.