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The Metropolitan Museum Journal, v. 45 (2010)

"A Book of Tournaments and Parades from Nuremberg"

Breiding, Dirk H., and Helmut Nickel
62 pages
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Dirk Breiding

Dirk H. Breiding was formerly the assistant curator in the Department of Arms and Armor.

Helmut Nickel

Album of Tournaments and Parades in Nuremberg, Pen and ink, watercolor, gold and silver washes; paper bound in gold-tooled leather, German, Nuremberg
German, Nuremberg
late 16th–mid-17th century
Registrum huius Operis libri cronicarum cum figuris et ymagibus ab inicio mundi, Hartmann Schedel  German, Woodcut
Multiple artists/makers
July 12, 1493
Tournament or Cavalry Shield (Targe), Wood, leather, gesso, silver, paint, probably Austrian
probably Austrian
early 15th century
Helm for the Joust of Peace (<i>Stechhelm</i>), Steel, copper alloy, German, probably Nuremberg
German, probably Nuremberg
ca. 1500
Vamplate (Hand Guard for a Lance), Matthes Deutsch  German, Steel, German, Landshut
Matthes Deutsch
ca. 1490
Armored Skirt (Base), Konrad Seusenhofer  Austrian, Steel, gold, Austrian, Innsbruck
Konrad Seusenhofer
ca. 1510–15
Jousting Sallet (<i>Rennhut</i>) Made for Louis II (1506–1526), King of Hungary and Bohemia, Kolman Helmschmid  German, Steel, copper alloy, gold, German, Augsburg
Kolman Helmschmid
ca. 1525
Pair of Vambraces (Arm Defenses) from a Costume Armor, Kolman Helmschmid  German, Steel, copper alloy, gold, German, Augsburg
Kolman Helmschmid
ca. 1525
Emperor Xuanzong's Flight to Shu, Unidentified artist Chinese, active mid-12th century, Hanging scroll; ink, color, and gold on silk, China
Unidentified artist
mid-12th century
Aquamanile in the Form of Aristotle and Phyllis, Bronze; Quaternary copper alloy (approx. 72% copper, approx. 17% zinc,<br/>approx. 6% lead, approx. 3% tin)., South Netherlandish
South Netherlandish
late 14th or early 15th century