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A Gift of Sound: The Crosby Brown Collection of Musical Instruments: The Metropolitan Museum of Art Bulletin, v.76, no. 1 (Summer, 2018)

A Gift of Sound: The Crosby Brown Collection of Musical Instruments

Brown, Sally B.
48 pages
51 illustrations
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Published to celebrate the reopening of The Met's André Mertens Galleries for Musical Instruments after a two-year renovation, this Bulletin tells the story of Mary Elizabeth Adams Brown, whose unparalleled collection formed the foundation of the Department of Musical Instruments at The Met. Sally B. Brown, Mary Elizabeth’s great-granddaughter, explores how a mother of six without any musical training acquired over 3,600 musical instruments from around the world in the late nineteenth century. Mary Elizabeth also became an esteemed authority in the field, authoring the first catalogue of a musical instruments collection in the United States. This publication features works of art from her collection, roughly two-thirds of which are from non-European cultures, that attest to her groundbreaking deviation from the Western canon and exceptional ambition as a collector.

Met Art in Publication

Serpent, Leopoldo Franciolini  Italian, Wood, leather, brass, ivory, Italian
18th century (?)
Mi-gyaung, Wood, gold leaf, Burmese
late 19th century
Oboe in C, Jacob Denner  German, boxwood, brass, German
before 1735
Grand Piano, Johann Schmidt  Austrian, Various materials, Austrian (Salzburg)
ca. 1790–95
Saung-Gauk, Wood, various materials, Burmese
19th century
Chegah-Skah-Hdah (dance wand), Wood, metal, leather, Native American (Sioux)
Native American (Sioux)
19th century
Wakan-chan-cha-gha (frame drum), Sioux or Dakota tribe, Wood, skin, Native American (Sioux, possibly)
late 19th century
Charango, Marcos Manufactory, Wood (sprunce, mahagony, rosewood), armadillo shell, Mexican
late 19th century
Tsii' Edo' Ai, Geronimo (Goyaalé)  American Indian, Apache, Wood, metal, gut, polychrome, Native American (Apache, Chiricahua )
ca. 1893
Tsii' Edo' Ai, Chappo Geronimo  Chiricahua Apache Native American, Wood, horse hairs, metal tacks, Native American (Apache, Chiricahua)
ca. 1888
Rattle, Wood, polychrome, pebbles, Native American (Tlingit)
Native American (Tlingit)
19th century
Rattle, Wood, paint, sinew, pebbles, Native American (Tsimshian?)
Native American (Tsimshian?)
19th century
Rattle, Wood, pebbles or pellets, polychrome, Native American (Haida)
Native American (Haida)
19th century
Banjo, Hercules McCord  American, Metal, parchment, American U.S.A.
ca. 1884
Double Chromatic Harp, Henry Greenway  American, born England, Spruce, maple, metal, gilding, brass, American
after 1895
Qānūn, Wood; parchment; gut strings; mother-of-pearl, ivory, bone, ebony inlay; shells; gold foil; metal; brass, Turkish
19th century
Saùng-Gauk, Wood, deerskin, paint, cotton cord, metal, glass, Burmese
19th century
Taūs (mayuri), Wood, parchment, metal, feathers, Indian
19th century
Sarod, Dun wood, parchment, wire & gut, Indian (northwest)
Indian (northwest)
ca. 1885
Pipa (琵琶 ), Jiu-cheng  Chinese, Wood, ivory, bone, gut, Chinese
19th century
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