The Metropolitan Museum Journal, v. 47 (2012)

"Armor for America: The Duc de Dino Collection"

Pyhrr, Stuart W.
48 pages
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Stuart Pyhrr

Met Art in Publication

Horn (Oliphant) with Case, Ivory, silver, leather, South Italian
horn, 11th–12th century; case, 16th century
Composed Armor, Wolfgang Grosschedel  German, Steel, gold, leather, textile, copper alloy, German, Landshut and Augsburg; gorget, Italian
Wolfgang Grosschedel
ca. 1550–80
Saddle, Wood, textile, iron, linen, leather, steel, gold, silver, Italian, Milan
ca. 1570–80
Jörg Sorg the Younger
ca. 1550–55, some etched decoration, 19th century
Burgonet, Steel, gold, leather, German
ca. 1550
ca. 1550
Pommel Plate, Jörg Sorg the Younger  German, Steel, gold, German, Augsburg
Jörg Sorg the Younger
ca. 1550
ca. 1540
Pair of Gauntlets, Steel, gold, silver, leather, Italian, Milan
ca. 1585
Shield, Steel, gold, German, Landshut or Augsburg
ca. 1560
Wheellock Gun, Steel, gold, wood (red beech), silver, brass, French
ca. 1610
Helmet and Shield in the Classical Style, Bronze, silver, gold, silk, metallic yarn, French, Paris
probably ca. 1760–70
Shield of Sir John Smythe (1534–1607), Steel, gold, German, Augsburg
ca. 1575–85
Helmet all'Antica, Filippo Negroli  Italian, Steel, Italian, Milan
Filippo Negroli
ca. 1532–35
Burgonet, Steel, gold, French
ca. 1550
Burgonet, Steel, gold, Italian, Milan
ca. 1550–55
Burgonet, Steel, gold, silver, textile, Italian, Milan
ca. 1560–70
Rapier with Scabbard, Gasparo Mola  Italian, Steel, gold, silver, leather, wood, French or Italian
Gasparo Mola
ca. 1620–30
Wheellock Rifle, Caspar Spät  German, Steel, gold, fruitwood, staghorn, bone, German, Munich and Augsburg
Caspar Spät
ca. 1640–50
Curb Bit, Iron, copper alloy, enamel, gold, Franco-Neapolitan
second quarter 14th century
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