Arms and Armor: Notable Acquisitions, 1991-2002

Arms and Armor: Notable Acquisitions, 1991–2002

Pyhrr, Stuart W., Donald J. LaRocca, and Morihiro Ogawa
64 pages
76 illustrations
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This publication chronicles more than a decade of collecting by the Department of Arms and Armor at the Metropolitan Museum. The refurbished galleries in The Pierpont Morgan Wing opened in 1991 with a new presentation of about eleven hundred of the finest pieces from the Museum's encyclopedic collection, and since that time the department's holdings have continued to grow, with more than one hundred and fifty items added by purchase, gift, or bequest. This volume includes 58 of the most notable acquisitions. Many are remarkable for their diversity and extraordinary quality, condition, and beauty, and some for their artistic or historic importance, while others fill gaps or serve as documents, adding to the knowledge of this field of study.

Met Art in Publication

Stirrup, Iron, silver, copper, North European, possibly northern Germany
10th century
Defense for the Left Arm, Steel, leather, Italian, probably Milan
ca. 1510–20
Horseman’s Ax of Cardinal Ippolito de’ Medici (1511–1535), Steel, gold, wood, Italian
ca. 1530–35
Design for a Sword Hilt, Pen, ink, wash, paper, German, probably Nuremberg
ca. 1555–60
Right Poleyn (Knee Defense) from an Armor of Claude Gouffier (1501–1570), Steel, copper alloy, gold, French
ca. 1555–60
Collar Plate for a Helmet of Henry III of France (1551–1589), Steel, copper alloy, French, probably Paris
ca. 1570
Comb Morion, Steel, German, Brunswick
ca. 1560–65
ca. 1580
Combination Ax-Pistol of Grand Duke Ferdinand I de' Medici (1549–1609), Steel, gold, German
ca. 1580
Design for the Pommel Plate of a Saddle from a Garniture of Alessandro Farnese (1545–1592), Andrea Casalini  Italian, Pen and brown ink, with color washes, on paper, Italian, Parma
Andrea Casalini
ca. 1575–80
Drawing of a Parade Helmet, Colored chalk on paper, Italian, probably Venetian
second half 16th century
Portions of an Armor for
 Vincenzo Luigi di Capua (d. 1627), Pompeo della Cesa  Italian, Steel, gold, leather, copper alloy, Italian, Milan
Pompeo della Cesa
ca. 1595
Cuirassier Armor, Steel, gold, leather, textile, Italian, Milan or Brescia
ca. 1610–30
Parade Helmet à l'Antique, Steel, copper alloy, paint, textile, French, probably Paris
ca. 1630
Rapier, Steel, iron, wood, copper, hilt, probably Dutch; blade, German, Munich
hilt, ca. 1650 (grip, restored 1995); blade, mid-to late 17th century
Smallsword, Steel, brass, wood, Sri Lankan (Ceylon, for the European market)
ca. 1700–1725
Snaphaunce Hunting Rifle, Jonas Schertiger the Younger  Swedish, Steel, wood (walnut), brass, horn, Swedish, Stockholm
Jonas Schertiger the Younger
dated 1722
Highland Targe, Wood, leather, brass, horn, textile, Scottish
Pair of Flintlock Pistols, Alexander Campbell  Scottish, Steel, silver, Scottish, Doune
Alexander Campbell
ca. 1750–70
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Pyhrr, Stuart W., Donald J. LaRocca, and Morihiro Ogawa. 2002. Arms and Armor: Notable Acquisitions, 1991-2002. New York : New Haven: Metropolitan Museum of Art ; Yale University Press.