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"Art Forgery": The Metropolitan Museum of Art Bulletin, v. 26, no. 6 (February, 1968)

"Art Forgery"

Colin, Ralph F., Dudley T. Easby, Jr., Carmen Gómez-Moreno, Thomas P. F. Hoving, Clare Le Corbeiller, Louis J. Lefkowitz, Joseph V. Noble, and Theodore Rousseau
36 pages
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"The Game of Duplicity"
Thomas P. F. Hoving

"The Stylistic Detection of Forgeries"
Theodore Rousseau

"The Forgery of Our Greek Bronze Horse"
Joseph V. Noble

"The Legal Aspects of Forgery and the Protection of the Expert"
Dudley T. Easby, Jr. and Ralph F. Colin

"The Art Frauds Legislation"
Interview with Louis J. Lefkowitz

"The Mystery of the Eight Evangelists"
Carmen Gómez-Moreno

"China into Delft"
Clare Le Corbeiller

Met Art in Publication

Book Cover, Copper-gilt, cabochons, porphyry, German
19th or early 20th century (mid-13th century style)
Saint Mary Magdalene or Saint Barbara with Book and Jar of Ointment, Wool, German
19th–20th century (Last third of the 15th century style)
Head of a King, Limestone, French
ca. 1220–30
Plaque with The Annunciation, Champlevé enamel, copper-gilt, German
second quarter 19th century
Plaque with Christ Before the High Priest Caiaphas, Walrus Ivory and paint, British
ca. 1150–75
The Cloisters Cross, Walrus ivory, British
ca. 1150–60
A Maid Asleep, Johannes Vermeer  Dutch, Oil on canvas
Johannes Vermeer
ca. 1656–57
Bronze statuette of a horse, Bronze, Greek
late 2nd–1st century BCE
Base of an Altar Cross with the Four Evangelists and Their Symbols, Champlevé enamel, copper-gilt, South Netherlandish
ca. 1160
Dish, Medici Porcelain Manufactory  Italian, Soft-paste porcelain decorated in underglaze blue, Italian, Florence
Medici Porcelain Manufactory
ca. 1575–87
Plate with Geese in a Lotus Pond, Porcelain painted with cobalt blue under transparent glaze (Jingdezhen ware), China
late 16th–early 17th century
Dish with flowers and birds, Tin-glazed earthenware with cobalt blue pigment (Delftware), Dutch, Delft
ca. 1660
Hanging basket, Meissen Manufactory  German, Hard-paste porcelain, German, Meissen
Meissen Manufactory
19th century
Candlestick, Chantilly  French, Tin-glazed soft-paste porcelain, French, Chantilly
ca. 1735–40
Plate with Flower and Bird Decor, Porcelain painted in overglaze polychrome enamels (Arita ware, Kakiemon type), Japan
Teapot, Meissen Manufactory  German, Hard-paste porcelain, German, Meissen
Meissen Manufactory
ca. 1735
Dish, Vienna, Hard-paste porcelain, Austrian, Vienna
Dish, Porcelain painted in overglaze famille verte enamels, China
ca. 1720
Fan-shaped dish, Vienna, Hard-paste porcelain painted with colored enamels over transparent glaze, Austrian, Vienna
ca. 1725–30
Plate, Soft-paste porcelain, Continental European
ca. 1750–60
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