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The Art of Etching in Eighteenth-Century France

Artists and Amateurs: Etching in Eighteenth-Century France

Stein, Perrin, with essays by Charlotte Guichard, Rena M. Hoisington, and Elizabeth M. Rudy
232 pages
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The vast holdings of the Metropolitan Museum's Department of Drawings and Prints include many acclaimed highlights of the European graphic arts tradition, but also a wealth of lesser-known areas ripe for exploration. With this exhibition and its accompanying publication, Perrin Stein, Curator in the department and a specialist in French Old Master drawings and prints, turns our attention to one such area: etchings made in eighteenth-century France by artists (painters, sculptors, and architects) as well as amateurs, a term used at the time to describe an elite class of art collectors and connoisseurs who believed that artistic practice was an essential component of study, collecting, and criticism.

The Child and the Bulldog, Marguerite Gérard  French, Etching, second state of three
The Tax Collectors (Les Traitants), Jean Honoré Fragonard  French, Etching
Woven Rug, Wool and cotton, woven, American
Mamolin, King of Garbe, Joseph François Foulquier  French, Etching
Mary Magdalene Praying at the Foot of the Cross, Michel François Dandré-Bardon  French, Etching
The Death of the Virgin, Rembrandt (Rembrandt van Rijn)  Dutch, Etching and drypoint
Studies of the Heads of Saskia and Others, Rembrandt (Rembrandt van Rijn)  Dutch, Etching; first of two states
Recruits Going to Join the Regiment, Antoine Watteau  French, Etching with drypoint
ca. 1715–16
Summer, Charles Joseph Natoire  French, Etching with engraving
An Angel Bringing Food to a Hermit, Jean Honoré Fragonard  French, Etching
ca. 1750–56
The Little Park, Jean Honoré Fragonard  French, Etching
ca. 1763
To the Genius of Franklin, Marguerite Gérard  French, Etching printed in brown ink; first state of two
Multiple artists/makers
Funerary Scene in a Temple, Pierre Moreau  French, Etching
ca. 1760
View of a Funerary Monument and Crypt, Pierre Moreau  French, Etching
ca. 1760
View of a Temple, Pierre Moreau  French, Etching
ca. 1760
Port Scene, Pierre Moreau  French, Etching
ca. 1760
Design for a fountain with a seated nymph at left and triton holding a shell to his mouth at right, Charles Hutin  French, Etching
Vases; Set of Wall Monuments; Statue of Louis XV, Jacques François Joseph Saly  French, Etching
Multiple artists/makers
The Storming of the Bastille on 14 July 1789 (Prise de la Bastille le 14 juillet 1789), Charles Thévenin  French, Etching
ca. 1793
Fables Nouvelles, Dediées au Roy, Lamotte-Houdar  French, Printed book with etched illustrations
Multiple artists/makers
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Stein, Perrin, Elizabeth M. Rudy, Rena M. Hoisington, and Charlotte Guichard. 2013. Artists and Amateurs: Etching in 18th-Century France. New Haven, CT: Yale university press.