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Arts of the Sung and Yuan

Arts of the Sung and Yüan

Hearn, Maxwell K., and Judith G. Smith
7.5 x 10.25 in
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Contributors to the Symposium

I. Ritual, Functional, and Decorative Arts

1. A New Study of Ancient Chinese Calligraphy: Shang Dynasty Bronze Inscriptions as Standard Script and Oracle Bone Inscriptions as Simplified Script
Chang Kuang–yüan

2. Changes in the Representation of Life and the Afterlife as Illustrated by the Contents of Tombs of the T'ang and Sung Period
Jessica Rawson

3. Commodities, Collectables, and Trade Goods: Some Modes of Categorizing Material Culture in Sung–Yüan Texts
Craig Clunas

II. New Directions in Northern Sung Culture

4. The Revival of Calligraphy in the Early Norhtern Sung
Ho Chuan–hsing

5. The Relationship Between Intimate Scenery and Shoal–and–Waterfowl Paintings in the Sung Dynasty
Lin Po–ting

6. A Discussion of Ting Ware with Unglazed Rims and Related Twelfth–Century Official Porcelain
Ts'ai Mei–fen

III. Politics, Society, and Culture

7. Humanity and "Universals" in Sung Dynasty Painting
Martin J. Powers

8. Art and Identity in the Northern Sung Dynasty: Evidence from Gardens
Robert E. Harrist, Jr.

9. In the Realm of Naturalness: Problems of Self–Imaging by the Northern Sung Literati
Peter C. Sturman

IV. Religion and Cross–Cultural Influences

10. Deer for the Palace: A Reconsideration of the Deer in an Autumn Forest Paintings
Hsingyuan Tsao

11. The Eight Immortals: The Transformation of T'ang and Sung Taoist Eccentrics During the Yüan Dynasty
Anning Jing

12. Buddhist Monuments of Yunnan: Eclectic Art of a Frontier Kingdom
Angela F. Howard

V. Interaction of Literati and Court Ideals

13. Art and Imperial Images at the Late Southern Sung Court
Hui–shu Lee

14. From Spring Fragrance, Clearing After Rain to Listening to the Wind in the Pines: Some Proposals for the Courtly Context of Paintings by Ma Lin in the Collection of the National Palace Museum, Taipei
Wang Tao–t'ing

15. The Painting of Flowers and Birds in Sung–Yüan Landscape Painting
Ogawa Hiromitsu

18. Patriarchs in Another Age—In Search of Style and Meaning in Two Sung–Yüan Paintings*
Richard M. Barnhart


*Issued separately as a supplement to this volume

Pear Blossoms, Unidentified, Handscroll; ink and color on paper, China
Qian Xuan
ca. 1280
Narcissus, Zhao Mengjian  Chinese, Handscroll; ink on paper, China
Zhao Mengjian
mid-13th century
Old Trees, Level Distance, Guo Xi  Chinese, Handscroll; ink and color on silk, China
Guo Xi
ca. 1080
Travelers in a Wintry Forest, Unidentified artist Chinese, active early 12th century, Hanging scroll; ink and color on silk, China
Unidentified artist
Li Cheng
early 12th century
The Classic of Filial Piety, Li Gonglin  Chinese, Handscroll; ink and color on silk, China
Li Gonglin
ca. 1085