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Caspar David Friedrich: Moonwatchers

Caspar David Friedrich: Moonwatchers

Rewald, Sabine, with an essay by Kasper Monrad
56 pages
45 illustrations
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Director's Foreword


Note to the Reader

Sabine Rewald

Friedrich and Two Danish Moonwatchers
Kasper Monrad

Sabine Rewald

Selected Bibliography

The Crucifixion; The Last Judgment, Jan van Eyck  Netherlandish, Oil on canvas, transferred from wood
ca. 1436–38
Multiple artists/makers
Two Men Contemplating the Moon, Caspar David Friedrich  German, Oil on canvas
ca. 1825–30

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Rewald, Sabine, and Kasper Monrad. 2001. Caspar David Friedrich: Moonwatchers. New York : [New Haven, Conn.]: Metropolitan Museum of Art ; Yale University Press.