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Contemporary Ceramics: Selections from The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Contemporary Ceramics: Selections from The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Adlin, Jane
48 pages
65 illustrations
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The art in both the exhibition and this accompanying catalogue is grouped together in the aesthetic and philosophical associations that have been briefly touched on in this essay. These are loose associations in which relationships can be made between specific objects, but the lines are never firmly drawn, and the groupings are always open to new interpretations and connections. Lines blur as one asks whether it is the color or the structure that makes A Box Bottle by Elizabeth Fritsch (b. 1940) and the bowl (pl. 21) by Christine Jones (b. 1955) seem to belong together. Does a figurative, sculptural ceramic express the inner feeling of the artist in the same way as the spontaneity of a Voulkos "stack," or is the sculpture a manipulation of material with no psychic content?

The contemporary ceramics in the collection of the Metropolitan Museum show the extraordinary breadth of styles postwar artists have been able to create. The aggressive experimentation of Voulkos, Mason, Price, and the other early pottery-making "rule breakers" of the era gave rise to one of the most creative periods in the history of ceramics, as the exhibition and this catalogue seek to demonstrate.

Pitcher, George E. Ohr  American, Earthenware, American
ca. 1893–1909
Self-Portrait, Robert Arneson  American, Glazed earthenware
Self-Portrait, Robert Arneson  American, Glazed earthenware
Double Grandmothers with Black and White Dresses, Viola Frey  American, Glazed ceramic
Winter Inlet Landscape, Wayne Higby  American, Earthenware (Raku)
Autumn Rhythm (Number 30), Jackson Pollock  American, Enamel on canvas
Tea pot, Ah-Leon  Taiwanese, Stoneware
Axe Vessel, Gordon Baldwin  British, Earthenware
Pot, Hans Coper  British, Stoneware
Distraction, Anne Currier  American, Whiteware
Série Pneumatique 36, Roseline Delisle  Canadian, Porcelain
Untitled, Ruth Duckworth  American, born Germany, Porcelain with transparent glaze
A Box Bottle, Elizabeth Fritsch  British, Stoneware
ca. 1974
Turning Landscape, Ewen Henderson  British, Stoneware, porcelain
Bowl, Christine Jones  British, Earthenware
ca. 1989
Vessel, Yasuhisa Kohyama  Japanese, Earthenware
The Last Supperware, Howard Kottler  American, Porcelain, decals
ca. 1969
Vessel, Geert Lap  Dutch, Earthenware
ca. 1979
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Metropolitan Museum of Art (New York, N.Y.), and Jane Adlin, eds. 1998. Contemporary Ceramics: Selections from the Metropolitan Museum of Art. New York: The Museum.