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"Egyptian Art": The Metropolitan Museum of Art Bulletin, v. 41, no. 3 (Winter, 1983-1984)

"Egyptian Art"

Lilyquist, Christine
56 pages
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Christine Lilyquist

Cylinder seal, Gray stone
ca. 2649–2100 B.C.
Libation Dish Depicting Ka-Arms Presenting an Ankh-Sign, Greywacke
ca. 3100–2900 B.C.
Lion Cub, Quartzite
ca. 3100–2900 B.C.
Corner of niche from the tomb of Akhtihotep, Limestone, paint
ca. 2575–2551 B.C.
Tomb Chapel of Raemkai, Limestone, paint
ca. 2446–2389 B.C.
Nikare with his Wife and Daughter, Limestone, paint
ca. 2420–2389 B.C. or later
Relief of Nebhepetre Mentuhotep II and the Goddess Hathor, Limestone, paint
ca. 2010–2000 B.C.
Estate Figure, Wood, gesso, paint
ca. 1981–1975 B.C.
Travelling Boat being Rowed, Wood, paint, gesso, linen twine and linen fabric
ca. 1981–1975 B.C.
Guardian Figure, Cedar wood, plaster, paint
ca. 1919–1885 B.C.
Name Panels from the Inner Wall of Senwosret I's Pyramid Complex, Limestone
ca. 1961–1917 B.C.
Senwosret III as a Sphinx, Gneiss
ca. 1878–1840 B.C.
Stela of the Steward Mentuwoser, Limestone, paint
ca. 1944 B.C.
Pectoral and Necklace of Sithathoryunet with the Name of Senwosret II, Gold, carnelian, lapis lazuli, turquoise, garnet (pectoral)<br/>Gold, carnelian, lapis lazuli, turquoise, green feldspar (necklace)
ca. 1887–1878 B.C.
Leopard-Head Girdle of Sithathoryunet, Gold, amethyst, diorite pellets (inside)
ca. 1887–1813 B.C.
Double knot clasp of Sithathoryunet, Gold
ca. 1887–1813 B.C.
Claw Anklet of Sithathoryunet, Gold, amethyst
ca. 1887–1813 B.C.
Apotropaic Wand, Hippopotamus ivory
ca. 1981–1640 B.C.
A small inlaid sculpture of a soft-shelled turtle, Amethyst, turquoise, lapis-lazuli, carnelian, adhesive
ca. 1991–1802 B.C.
Apotropaic rod, Glazed steatite
ca. 1878–1640 B.C.
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