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Glass in the Collections of The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Glass in the Collections of The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Hayward, Jane
20 pages
13 illustrations
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American Decorative Arts

Ancient Near Eastern Art

Arms and Armor

Egyptian Art

European Sculpture and Decorative Arts

Far Eastern Art

Greek and Roman Art

Islamic Art

Medieval Art and The Cloisters

Robert Lehman Collection

Twentieth Century Art


Met Art in Publication

Covered goblet, New Bremen Glass Manufactory, Blown and engraved glass, American
New Bremen Glass Manufactory
Two-handled vessel with a pierced base, Glass, pale green, Sasanian
ca. 4th–5th century CE
Saint Michael and a Donor, Stained glass, pot metal, silver, French
late 15th century
Statuette of the Goddess Taweret, Glassy faience
332–30 B.C.
Goblet, Glass, enameled and gilded, Italian, Venice, Murano
ca. 1475–1500 (modern foot)
Goblet (Roemer) with map of the Rhine River, Glass, engraved with a diamond point, Dutch, probably Amsterdam
early 17th century
Glass phiale (libation bowl), Glass, Greek, Eastern Mediterranean
late 5th–early 4th century BCE
Enameled and Gilded Bottle, Glass, greenish; blown, folded foot; enameled and gilded
late 13th century
Reliquary of Mary Magdalene, Gilded copper, gilded silver, rock crystal, verre églomisé, and a tooth (possibly human), North Italian
14th and 15th century
Roundel with Playing at Quintain, Colorless glass, vitreous paint and silver stain, French
ca. 1500
Armorial tazza, Italian (Venice) or façon de Venise (Venetian-style), Colorless (slightly gray) nonlead glass; blown, pattern-molded, enameled, gilt, Venetian or façon de Venise, or French
"History of Navigation" Mural, Jean Dupas  French, Glass, paint, gold, silver, palladium leaf
Jean Dupas
Amber Crested Form, Harvey K. Littleton  American, Glass
Harvey K. Littleton

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Metropolitan Museum of Art (New York, N.Y.), and Jane Hayward, eds. 1982. Glass in the Collections of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. New York: The Museum.