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Impressionism: A Centenary Exhibition

Impressionism: A Centenary Exhibition

Dayez, Anne, Michel Hoog, and Charles S. Moffett
220 pages
65 illustrations
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Frédéric Bazille
View of the Village

Eugène Boudin
The Coast Near Portrieux (Brittany)

Gustave Caillebotte
Boulevard Seen from Above

Mary Cassatt
A Woman in Black at the Opera

Paul Cézanne
The Black Clock
The House of the Hanged Man
Still Life with Compotier, Fruit, and Glass
The Bay of Marseilles Seen from l'Estaque

Edgar Degas
The Bellelli Family
A Woman with Chrysanthemums
Jacques Joseph (James) Tissot
The Orchestra of the Paris Opera
Carriage at the Races
Hortense Valpincon as a Child
The Dancing Class
Portraits in an Office—The Cotton Exchange, New Orleans
The Dance Class

Armand Guillaumin
The Outskirts of Paris

Édouard Manet
Woman with a Parrot
Portrait of Emile Zola
The Balcony
The Pere Lathuile Restaurant

Claude Monet
Study for Déjeuner sur l'herbe
Women in the Garden
Terrace at Sainte-Adresse
La Grenouillere
Sailboats at Argenteuil
Boulevard des Capucines, Paris
Parisians Enjoying the Pare Monceau

Berthe Morisot
The Cradle

Camille Pissarro
Jallais Hill Pontoise

Pierre Auguste Renoir
La Grenouillere
Dancing at the Moulin de la Galette, Montmartre
Torso of a Woman in the Sun
Madame Charpentier and Her Children
Dance in the City
Dance in the Country

Alfred Sisley
The Bridge at Villeneuve-la-Garenne
The Flood at Port-Marly

Biographies of the Painters
Photograph Credits

The Gulf of Marseilles Seen from L'Estaque, Paul Cézanne  French, Oil on canvas
ca. 1885
A Woman Seated beside a Vase of Flowers (Madame Paul Valpinçon?), Edgar Degas  French, Oil on canvas
James-Jacques-Joseph Tissot (1836–1902), Edgar Degas  French, Oil on canvas
ca. 1867–68
The Dancing Class, Edgar Degas  French, Oil on wood
ca. 1870
Young Lady in 1866, Edouard Manet  French, Oil on canvas
Boating, Edouard Manet  French, Oil on canvas
Garden at Sainte-Adresse, Claude Monet  French, Oil on canvas
La Grenouillère, Claude Monet  French, Oil on canvas
The Parc Monceau, Claude Monet  French, Oil on canvas
Jalais Hill, Pontoise, Camille Pissarro  French, Oil on canvas
Madame Georges Charpentier (Marguérite-Louise Lemonnier, 1848–1904) and Her Children, Georgette-Berthe (1872–1945) and Paul-Émile-Charles (1875–1895), Auguste Renoir  French, Oil on canvas
The Bridge at Villeneuve-la-Garenne, Alfred Sisley  British, Oil on canvas

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Moffett, Charles S., Jean Chatelain, Michel Hoog, and Anne Distel. 1974. Impressionism: A Centenary Exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, December 12, 1974-February 10, 1975. New York: Metropolitan museum of art.