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Martin, Richard, and Harold Koda
131 pages
68 illustrations
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This exhibition heralds a series of thematic shows conceived to examine various elements in the history of costume, with selections culled primarily from the Museum's own collections. Thus reaffirming the Museum's commitment to collecting and to the care and display of costume, these installations will offer substantial displays year round as well as an extraordinary opportunity to evaluate and appreciate the evolution of costume over the last three centuries.

The depth and scope of our collections should provide the curators with an inexhaustible source of challenging subjects and inspiration for exhibitions, research, publications, and teaching programs far into the next century. It is therefore with much pleasure and great expectation that we offer Infra-Apparel, the first in an exciting series of projects envisioned by our new curators, Mr. Martin and Mr. Koda.

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Dress, silk, flax, French
Evening dress, House of Chanel  French, silk, cotton, rayon, French
House of Chanel
Dress, linen, cotton, American
Mrs. Selma Schubart, Alfred Stieglitz  American, Autochrome
Alfred Stieglitz
Evening dress, House of Balenciaga  French, silk, French
House of Balenciaga
fall/winter 1965–66
Antoine Laurent Lavoisier (1743–1794) and Marie Anne Lavoisier (Marie Anne Pierrette Paulze, 1758–1836), Jacques Louis David  French, Oil on canvas
Jacques Louis David
Joseph Sherburne, John Singleton Copley  American, Oil on canvas, American
John Singleton Copley
ca. 1767–70
Ensemble (banyan, waistcoat, and breeches), silk, wool, linen, European
second half 18th century
Girls at a Window, Raimundo de Madrazo y Garreta  Spanish, Oil on canvas
Raimundo de Madrazo y Garreta
ca. 1875
Young Lady in 1866, Edouard Manet  French, Oil on canvas
Edouard Manet
Evening dress, House of Dior  French, silk, French
House of Dior
spring/summer 1960
Wedding ensemble, cotton, French
Dressing jacket, linen, cotton, American or European
Petticoat, cotton, American
ca. 1907
Petticoat, cotton, American or European
Petticoat, cotton, silk, American
early 1890s
Dress, cotton, American
ca. 1877
Dress, cotton, European
ca. 1818
Dress, cotton, American
Dress, cotton, British
ca. 1838
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Martin, Richard, Harold Koda, and Neil Selkirk. 1993. Infra-Apparel: Exhibition Held at the Costume Institute of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, April 1, 1993-August 8, 1993. New York: Metropolitan museum of art Distrib. by H. N. Abrams.