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Jade in Ancient Costa Rica

Jade in Ancient Costa Rica

Jones, Julie, ed., with Juan Vincente Guerrero M., Mark Miller Graham, Michael J. Snarskis, and Zulay Soto Méndez
144 pages
90 illustrations
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Philippe de Montebello

Melania Ortiz Volio


Julie Jones

1. The Archaeological Context of Jade in Costa Rica
Juan Vicente Guerrero M.

2. Mesoamerican Jade and Costa Rica
Mark Miller Graham

3. The Imagery and Symbolism of Precolumbian Jade in Costa Rica
Michael J. Snarskis

4. The Collections of the Mudeo del Jade Marco Fidel Tristán Castro, San José
Zulay Soto Méndez

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Met Art in Publication

Bird Pendant, Jadeite, Atlantic Watershed
4th–8th century
Bird Pendant, Jade (jadeite), Guanacaste-Nicoya
1st century BCE–1st century CE
Bird Pendant, Jadeite, Guanacaste-Nicoya
4th–8th century
Ornament with Maya Glyph, Jadeite, Atlantic Watershed
Masked Figure Pendant, Jadeite, Atlantic Watershed
4th–8th century
Bird Pendant, Jadeite, Central Region
4th–7th century

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Graham, Mark Miller, Julie Jones, and Metropolitan Museum of Art, eds. 1998. Jade in Ancient Costa Rica. New York, NY: The Metropolitan Museum of Art.