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Jewels by JAR

Sassoon, Adrian, essay by
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Singular vision and passion for excellence are among the many superlative phrases that come to mind when considering the jewels made by Joel A. Rosenthal, known as JAR. JAR's creations recall the best of the Renaissance masters, but in their daring design and unexpected combination of gemstones they are unquestionably modern. Nature is a recurring theme in the JAR canon, with butterflies singled out for their varying and brightly hued wing patterns, along with flowers, fruit, vegetables, and other natural forms, reimagined in color-saturated bracelets and brooches.

This book, with an essay by art dealer and author Adrian Sassoon, accompanies an exhibition of more than three hundred and sixty objects at The Metropolitan Museum of Art. As a young boy, Joel Rosenthal frequently visited the Met to sketch his favorite works. It is fitting that the Museum now exhibits his works of art, making this the culmination of a personal and artistic journey.

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Sassoon, Adrian, and Joel Arthur Rosenthal. 2013. Jewels by JAR. New York: Metropolitan Museum of Art.