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Metropolitan Jewelry

Metropolitan Jewelry

McConnell, Sophie
112 pages
151 illustrations
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This beautiful volume takes readers on a very special tour of The Metropolitan Museum of Art, highlighting wonderful pieces of jewelry from ancient and modern cultures in every part of the world. Of special interest are the fabulous objects that appear in paintings and other works of art. Jewel-studded gowns; glittering Renaissance brooches; an Egyptian beaded collar; a portrait of Saint Eligius, patron saint of goldsmiths, as he weighs a gold wedding band; and a portrait of Empress Eugénie wearing her famous pearls are among the featured works from the Museum's vast collections. Necklaces, earrings, rings, and bracelets abound in this lively book, but also included are objects of religious significance, military honors, and other kinds of personal decoration. The jewelry pieces that survive offer a magical sense of the people who wore them and of the world they inhabited. The captions relate anecdotes concerning the artists and wearers and describe the history and style of the jewelry pictured. Art historians, jewelry makers, graphic and theatrical designers, and anyone who wears, collects, or admires magnificent jewelry will be fascinated by the sumptuous array in this book.

Met Art in Publication

Broad Bracelet of Sithathoryunet, Gold, carnelian, turquoise, faience, Egyptian blue, lapis lazuli
ca. 1887–1813 B.C.
Jeweled Bracelet (one of pair), Gold, silver, pearls, amethyst, sapphire, glass, quartz, Byzantine
A Goldsmith in his Shop, Petrus Christus  Netherlandish, Oil on oak panel
Petrus Christus
Broad collar of Senebtisi, Faience, gold, carnelian, turquoise.<br/>Falcon heads and leaf pendants originally gilded plaster, restored in gilded silver. Eyes originally gilded beads restored in gilded plaster.
ca. 1850–1775 B.C.
The Arab Jeweler, Charles Sprague Pearce  American, Oil on canvas, American
Charles Sprague Pearce
ca. 1882
Beads, Gold, fabricated from sheet, wire, and swaged wire, decorated with granulation, set with turquoise
19th–early 20th century
Figure: Female, Wood, beads, Tabwa peoples
18th–19th century
Figure: Male, Wood, beads, Tabwa peoples
18th–19th century
Necklace, Glass, shell, glazed earthenware (faience), Frankish
5th–7th century
Salome with the Head of Saint John the Baptist, Andrea Solario  Italian, Oil on wood
Andrea Solario
ca. 1507–9
Necklace, Gold, diamonds, colorless sapphires, rubies, imitation emeralds (colorless rock crystal over green foil), and pearls
18th–19th century
Kalamkari Hanging with Figures in an Architectural Setting, Cotton; plain weave, mordant-painted and dyed, resist-dyed
ca. 1640–50
Saint Barbara, Limewood with paint, German
ca. 1490
Portrait of Qianlong Emperor As a Young Man, Unidentified artist Chinese, 19th century, Hanging scroll; ink and color on silk, China
Unidentified artist
19th century
Selvaggia Sassetti (born 1470), Davide Ghirlandaio (David Bigordi)  Italian, Tempera on wood
Davide Ghirlandaio (David Bigordi)
ca. 1487–88
Virgin and Child, Joos van Cleve and a collaborator Netherlandish, Oil on wood
Joos van Cleve
ca. 1525
Mrs. Mayer and Daughter, Ammi Phillips  American, Oil on canvas, American
Ammi Phillips
Set of jewelry, Gold, glass, rock crystal, agate, carnelian, Etruscan
early 5th century BCE
The Extermination of Tammany with a Straight Republican Ticket. Platt's "Living Picture" – An Awful Fake(illustration for "Puck," June 27, 1894), Frederick Burr Opper  American, Lithograph touched with pen and ink and wash
Frederick Burr Opper
Margaret of Austria, Jean Hey (called Master of Moulins)  Netherlandish, Oil on oak panel
Jean Hey (called Master of Moulins)
ca. 1490
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