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Journal v 52 cover

"'Working My Thought More Perfectly': Horace Pippin’s The Lady of the Lake": Metropolitan Museum Journal, v. 52 (2017)

Monahan, Anne, Isabelle Duvernois, and Sylvia A. Centeno
21 pages
18 illustrations
AAM Publications Design Competition First Prize, Magazines/Scholarly Journals (2018); Association of Art Museum Curators (AAMC) Award for Excellence Winner (2018)
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The Metropolitan Museum Journal is issued annually and publishes original research on works of art in the Museum's collection. Highlights of volume 52 include a study of the intertwined relationship between two late masterpieces by Andrea del Sarto, new attributions for seven Roman drawings from the 16th and 17th centuries, and a reevaluation of Horace Pippin's painting The Lady of the Lake from the late 1930s.

Lady of the Lake, Horace Pippin  American, Oil on canvas
ca. 1936–39
After Supper, Horace Pippin  American, Graphite on board
ca. 1935–39
Holy Mountain IV, Horace Pippin  American, Oil on canvas

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