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Painting Words, Sculpting Language: Creative Writing Activities at The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Painting Words, Sculpting Language: Creative Writing Activities at The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Nemens, Emily, ed., and Felicia Blum
46 pages
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Introduction The Kaleidoscope Workshops: A Short History Further Information Suggested Materials The Sessions: How They Work

In Memory of ... A look at portraits Location: The American Wing Activity: Remembering with writing

Side by Side: A look at Assyrian animals Location: Ancient Near Eastern Art Activity: A rhyming poem

Dress to Impress! A look at English armor Location: Arms and Armor Activity: Writing a dialogue

All That Glitters: A look at Precolumbian gold Location: Arts of Africa, Oceania, and the Americas Activity: What gold can do

When Suddenly ... A look at Impressionism Location: 19th-Century European Paintings Activity: What happens next?

Folding Seasons: A look at Japanese screens Location: Asian Art Activity: Haiku

Digs and Discoveries: A look at ancient Egyptian art Location: Egyptian Art Activity: Journal writing

A Room with a View: A look at a 15th-century study Location: European Sculpture and Decorative Arts Activity: Describing spaces

The Sound of Music: A look at an African drum Location: Musical Instruments Activity: Writing the blues

Paint, Canvas, Action! A look at Abstract Expressionist painting Location: Modern Art Activity: Illustrating emotions

Selected Resources

Elijah Boardman, Ralph Earl  American, Oil on canvas, American
Relief panel, Gypsum alabaster, Assyrian
ca. 883–859 BCE
Funerary mask, Lambayeque (Sicán) artist(s), Gold, silver-copper alloy, cinnabar paint, Lambayeque (Sicán)
900–1100 CE
Garden at Sainte-Adresse, Claude Monet  French, Oil on canvas
Birds and Flowers of the Four Seasons, Pair of six-panel folding screens; ink, color, gold, and gold leaf on paper, Japan
late 16th century
Travelling Boat being Rowed, Wood, paint, gesso, linen twine and linen fabric
ca. 1981–1975 B.C.
Studiolo from the Ducal Palace in Gubbio, Francesco di Giorgio Martini  Italian, Walnut, beech, rosewood, oak and fruitwoods in walnut base, Italian, Gubbio
Multiple artists/makers
ca. 1478–82
Breasted Drum, Wood, skin, paint, Akan, Ashanti
Akan, Ashanti
ca. 1940
Autumn Rhythm (Number 30), Jackson Pollock  American, Enamel on canvas