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Palmyra: Mirage in the Desert

Various authors
160 pages
132 illustrations
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In response to the catastrophic destruction of Syria’s ancient city of Palmyra, a UNESCO world heritage site, a group of major international scholars gathered to focus on the art, archaeology, and history of the beleaguered site and present their latest findings. Their papers, given at a symposium at The Metropolitan Museum of Art in May 2016, have been collected in this fascinating and important publication. They are accompanied by a moving tribute by Waleed Khaled al-Asa‘ad to his father, Khaled al-Asa‘ad, the Syrian archaeologist and head of antiquities for the ancient city of Palmyra who was brutally murdered in 2015 while defending the site.

Palmyra: Mirage in the Desert, published simultaneously in English and Arabic, is the latest volume in the Metropolitan Museum symposium series. It is a major contribution to the knowledge and understanding of this multicultural desert city— located at the crossroads of the ancient world— that will help preserve the memory of this extraordinary place for generations to come.

Met Art in Publication

Funerary relief, Limestone
ca. 2nd–3rd century CE
Funerary relief, Limestone
ca. 150–200
Funerary relief, Limestone, paint
ca. 148
Funerary relief, Limestone
ca. 172
Funerary relief, Limestone
ca. 181
Funerary relief, Limestone
ca. 150–200
Funerary relief, Limestone
ca. 125–150
Funerary relief, Limestone
ca. 50–150
Tessera, Ceramic
ca. 1st–2nd century A.D

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