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Detail of the image by Elisha Brown Bird used to advertise the March edition of The Poster, featured in The Art of the Literary Poster. Titled Miss Art and Miss Litho, the image shows two women dressed in red dresses on a red background. One holds and artist's palette and the other holds a lithography stone.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art: Publications 2024

24 pages
51 illustrations
6 x 7.5 in
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This catalogue, published annually by The Metropolitan Museum of Art, announces the Museum's publications for that year. It also features notable backlist titles and provides a complete list of books available in print at the time of publication.

The Poster, March (Miss Art and Miss Litho), Elisha Brown Bird  American, Lithograph
Elisha Brown Bird
William H. Clemens
The Goddess Kurukulla, Appliqued satin, brocade and damask, embroidered silk and painted details, Tibet
19th century
ENOCH (display unit), Tavares Strachan  Bahamian, Bronze, 24k gold, steel, radar retroreflectors and sacred air blessed by Shinto priest
Tavares Strachan
The Red Letter, Elisha Brown Bird  American, Lithograph
Multiple artists/makers
Lippincott's,  August, Joseph J. Gould, Jr.  American, Lithograph
Joseph J. Gould, Jr.
J. B. Lippincott
Bearings, Charles Arthur Cox  American, Color lithograph
Charles Arthur Cox
The Bearings
The Modern Poster, Charles Scribner's Sons, New York, William Henry Bradley  American, Letterpress (relief process) on gray paper
William Henry Bradley
Self-Portrait with a Straw Hat (obverse: The Potato Peeler), Vincent van Gogh  Dutch, Oil on canvas
Vincent van Gogh
Ensemble, Alexander McQueen  British, silk, feathers, leather, metal, rubber, British
Alexander McQueen
Sarah Burton
spring/summer 2011
Francesco d'Este (born ca. 1429, died after 1486), Rogier van der Weyden  Netherlandish, Oil on wood
Rogier van der Weyden
ca. 1460
Grotto with owl, snake, and lizard, Charles-Jean Avisseau  French, Glazed earthenware, French
Charles-Jean Avisseau
ca. 1850–1855

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