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"Collecting the Ancient Near East at The Met"

Rakic, Yelena
13 pages
8 illustrations
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The Metropolitan Museum Journal is issued annually and publishes original research on works of art in the Museum’s collection. Highlights of volume 56 include an investigation into the politics that governed dispersal of a pair of Sèvres elephant-head vases during the French Revolution, a consideration of imagery used in a rare seventeenth-century Ethiopian prayer book, and a critique of the Museum’s early collecting of ancient art of the Americas.

Met Art in Publication

Relief panel, Gypsum alabaster, Assyrian
ca. 883–859 BCE
Cylinder seal, Chalcedony, Kassite
ca. 16th–15th century BCE
Loop-handled conoid seal, Steatite, black, Cypriot
ca. 12th–11th century BCE (?)
Cuneiform cylinder with inscription of Nebuchadnezzar II describing the rebuilding of the temple of the mother-goddess Ninmah/Belet-ili at Babylon, Clay, Babylonian
ca. 604–562 BC
Cuneiform tablet: proxy contract for the purchase of a slave, Egibi archive, Clay, Babylonian
ca. 554 BC
Amulet with a Lamashtu demon, Limestone, Babylonian
ca. 7th–6th century BCE


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Metropolitan Museum Journal 56. 2021. Chicago, IL, New York, NY: University of Chicago Press ; Metropolitan Museum of Art.