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"Recent Acquisitions, A Selection: 1994-1995": The Metropolitan Museum of Art Bulletin, v. 53, no. 2 (Fall, 1995)

"Recent Acquisitions, A Selection: 1994–1995"

Arnold, Dorothea, Kevin J. Avery, Suzanne Boorsch, Carmen Bambach Cappel, Stefano Carboni, Keith Christiansen, Joyce Denney, James David Draper, Everett Fahy, Barbara Brennan Ford, Alice Cooney Frelinghuysen, Michael Gunn, Prudence O. Harper, Maxwell K. Hearn, Morrison H. Heckscher, Ariel Herrmann, Marsha Hill, Colta Ives, Julie Jones, Steven M. Kossak, Alisa LaGamma, Donald J. LaRocca, Clare Le Corbeiller, Martin Lerner, Carolyn Logan, Jennifer A. Loveman, Jessie McNab, Joan R. Mertens, Elizabeth J. Milleker, Amelia Peck, Carlos A. Picón, Stuart W. Pyhrr, Olga Raggio, Frances Gruber Safford, Perrin Stein, Marie Lukens Swietochowski, Gary Tinterow, Thayer Tolles, Dietrich von Bothmer, Catherine Hoover Voorsanger, James C. Y. Watt, H. Barbara Weinberg, and Jayne Wrightsman
88 pages
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Director's Note


Ancient World


Medieval Europe

Renaissance and Baroque Europe

Europe 1700–1900

North America 1700–1900

Twentieth Century

Africa, Oceania, and the Americas


Ritual Statuette of Thutmose III, Black bronze, gold inlay
ca. 1479–1425 B.C.
Limestone column capital, Limestone, Greek, South Italian, Tarentine
Greek, South Italian, Tarentine
late 4th–3rd century BCE
Bronze hydria (water jar), Bronze, Greek
late 7th–early 6th century BCE
Marble shell, Marble, Greek
ca. 400 BCE
Silver gilt ring, Gold, silver, Etruscan
late 6th–early 5th century BCE
Terracotta loutrophoros (ceremonial vase for water), Metope Painter, Terracotta, Greek, South Italian, Apulian
3rd quarter of the 4th century BCE
Fragment of a Royal Head, Probably Apries, Black diorite
589–570 B.C.
Marble table leg (trapezophoros) with reliefs of griffins, Marble, Greek
5th century BCE
Pair of gold spirals, Gold, Etruscan
7th–6th century BCE
Gold and enamel a baule earring, Gold, enamel, Etruscan
6th century BCE
Gold ring with intaglio of seated woman and flying Eros, Gold, Greek
2nd half of the 5th century BCE
Gold finger ring engraved with an image of Hermes, Gold, Greek, South Italian, Tarentine
Greek, South Italian, Tarentine
late 4th century BCE
Pair of gold, garnet, enamel, and glass earrings, Gold, garnet, enamel, glass, Greek, Ptolemaic
Greek, Ptolemaic
2nd century BCE
Gold, garnet, and agate necklace and earrings, Gold, garnet, agate, Greek
1st century BCE
Gold ring with carnelian intaglio portrait of Tiberius, Gold, carnelian, Roman
ca. 14–37 CE
Jasper intaglio in a gold mount set with pearls and glass, Gold, jasper, pearl, glass, Roman
2nd–3rd century CE
Plate with a hunting scene from the tale of Bahram Gur and Azadeh, Silver, mercury gilding, Sasanian
ca. 5th century CE
"Laila and Majnun at School", Folio from a Khamsa (Quintet) of Nizami of Ganja, Ja'far Baisunghuri  Iranian, Ink, opaque watercolor, and gold on paper
835 AH/1431–32 CE
Double-Sided Pendant Icon with the Virgin and Christ Pantokrator, Gold, cloisonné enamel, Byzantine
ca. 1100
Pair of terracotta volute-kraters (vases for mixing wine and water) with stands, Terracotta, Greek, South Italian, Apulian
Greek, South Italian, Apulian
3rd quarter of the 4th century BCE
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