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"Recent Acquisitions, A Selection: 2006-2007": The Metropolitan Museum of Art Bulletin, v. 65, no. 2 (Fall, 2007)

"Recent Acquisitions, A Selection: 2006–2007"

Adlin, Jane, Maryan W. Ainsworth, Stijn Alsteens, Kevin J. Avery, Katharine B. Baetjer, Carmen C. Bambach, Peter Barnet, Carrie Rebora Barratt, Kurt Behrendt, Barbara Drake Boehm, Andrew Bolton, Keith Christiansen, Malcolm Daniel, Joyce Denney, James David Draper, Maryam Ekhtiar, Douglas Eklund, Helen C. Evans, Everett Fahy, Mia Fineman, Alice Cooney Frelinghuysen, Jared Goss, Navina Haidar Haykel, Maxwell K. Hearn, Morrison H. Heckscher, Herbert Heyde, Timothy B. Husband, Julie Jones, Daniëlle O. Kisluk-Grosheide, Eric Kjellgren, Wolfram Koeppe, Alisa LaGamma, Donald J. LaRocca, Soyoung Lee, Denise Patry Leidy, Christopher S. Lightfoot, Charles T. Little, Constance McPhee, Joan R. Mertens, Lisa M. Messinger, Elizabeth J. Milleker, J. Kenneth Moore, Jeffrey H. Munger, Miyeko Murase, Nadine M. Orenstein, Diana Craig Patch, Elena Phipps, Carlos A. Picón, Stuart W. Pyhrr, Sabine Rewald, Samantha J. Rippner, Catharine H. Roehrig, Jeff L. Rosenheim, Perrin Stein, Anne L. Strauss, Zhixin Jason Sun, Gary Tinterow, Thayer Tolles, Lucy von Brachel, Melinda Watt, Virginia-Lee Webb, and Beth Carver Wees
68 pages
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Recent Acquisitions, A Selection: 2006–2007

Donors of Gifts of Works of Art

Donors of Funds for Acquisitions of Works of Art

Head of Ahmose I, Limestone
ca. 1550–1525 B.C.
Cult Image of the God Ptah, Lapis lazuli
ca. 945–600 B.C.
Terracotta aryballos in the form of an eagle's head, Terracotta, Greek, Rhodian
Greek, Rhodian
ca. late 7th–early 6th century BCE
Marble statue of Aphrodite, marble, Greek
2nd century BCE
Marble strigilated vase with snake handles, Marble, Roman
2nd half of the 2nd century CE
Buddha Vairocana (Dari), Gilt bronze; lost-wax cast, China
11th century
Gold Cross Pendant, Gold, Byzantine
Pendant Brooch with Cameo of Enthroned Virgin and Child and Christ Pantokrator, Chalcedony cameo; gold mount with pearls, emeralds, garnets, sapphires, and a sardonyx intaglio, Byzantine
late 1000s–1100s (cameo); 1100s–1300s (mount)
Limestone Head of Joseph, Limestone with traces of polychromy, French
ca. 1230
Manuscript Leaf with the Martyrdom of Saint Bartholomew, from a Laudario, Pacino di Bonaguida  Italian, Tempera, gold, and ink on parchment, Italian
ca. 1340
Architectural Tile with Partial Inscription, Stonepaste; carved and glazed
second half 14th century
Cup Stand with the Eight Buddhist Treasures, Silver with repoussé decoration, China
14th century
Mandala of Kumano Shrine, Unidentified artist, Hanging scroll; ink, color, and gold on silk, Japan
early 14th century
Hand-and-a-Half Sword, Steel, copper alloy, probably German
probably German
ca. 1400–1430
Lion mask door pull, Copper alloy, German
ca. 1425–50
Iphicles Saved from a Serpent by his Brother Hercules, Terracotta, Italian, Padua
Italian, Padua
ca. 1450
The Queen of Flowers, Master of the Playing Cards  German, Engraving printed from two plates
ca. 1435–40
Triptych with the Passion of Christ, Mother-of-pearl, gilt wood frame, silk backing, and tooled leather covering, South German
South German
ca. 1475–85
The Crucifixion, Francesco Granacci (Francesco di Andrea di Marco)  Italian, Tempera and gold on wood
ca. 1510
Saint Maurice, Lucas Cranach the Elder and Workshop  German, Oil on linden
ca. 1520–25
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