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Stieglitz and His Artists: Matisse to O'Keeffe

Messinger, Lisa Mintz, ed., with essays and entries by Magdalena Dabrowski, Cristel Hollevoet-Force, Lisa Mintz Messinger, Cora Michael, Jessica Murphy, Sabine Rewald, Samantha Rippner, and Thayer Tolles
352 pages
760 illustrations
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A master photographer, Alfred Stieglitz was also a visionary promoter and an avid collector of American and European art from the first half of the twentieth century. Operating a succession of influential Manhattan galleries from 1905 to 1946, he exhibited many of the most important artists of the era, including Constantin Brancusi, Charles Demuth, Arthur Dove, Marsden Hartley, Vasily Kandinsky, John Marin, Henri Matisse, Georgia O'Keeffe, Francis Picabia, and Pablo Picasso. The collection he assembled of their works—by purchase, gift, and happy accident—was of exceptional breadth and depth and has been the cornerstone of the Metropolitan Museum's holdings of modern art since 1949.

This volume is the first catalogue of the Metropolitan's unparalleled Alfred Stieglitz Collection: more than four hundred paintings, sculptures, drawings, and prints made between the 1880s and the 1940s. After an illuminating introduction that traces the collections formation and surprising dénouement, thirty-one short essays serve as focused biographies of the dealer and each of the artists he cultivated and collected, demonstrating the intense and often intimate relationships that affected artistic direction, financial well-being (or its opposite), and social and professional prestige. These discussions are enriched by new scholarship, technical analysis, and archival research, and many works in the collection are published here for the first time. Seen together in splendid color reproductions, they present a portrait of a supreme connoisseur—a man who acted as "midwife" in the creation of twentieth-century art.

Alfred Stieglitz at 291, Edward J. Steichen  American, born Luxembourg, Gum bichromate over platinum print
The Steerage, Alfred Stieglitz  American, Photogravure
1907, printed in or before 1913
Georgia O'Keeffe, Alfred Stieglitz  American, Palladium print
[Self-Portrait], Edward J. Steichen  American, born Luxembourg, Platinum print
291 – Picasso-Braque Exhibition, Alfred Stieglitz  American, Platinum print
Sleeping Muse, Constantin Brancusi  French, born Romania, Bronze
Study for the Sculpture "The First Step", Constantin Brancusi  French, born Romania, Wax crayon on paper
ca. 1913
A Portfolio of 14 Etchings, Edward Gordon Craig  British, Etching
Landscape, Henri-Edmond Cross (Henri-Edmond Delacroix)  French, Watercolor and crayon on paper
ca. 1904
Improvisation 27 (Garden of Love II), Vasily Kandinsky  French, born Russia, Oil on canvas
Still Life, Walther Karl Heinrich Kühn  Austrian or German, Etching and aquatint
Woman's Head, Manolo  Spanish, Graphite and watercolor on paper
Nude Resting on One Arm, Henri Matisse  French, Pen and black ink on paper mounted on papers
Woman with an Umbrella at the Seashore, Henri Matisse  French, Watercolor and charcoal on paper
Reclining Bather, Henri Matisse  French, Watercolor and graphite on paper
Female Torso, Henri Matisse  French, Bronze, 2/10
1906; cast ca. 1908
Walking Nude, Henri Matisse  French, Graphite on paper mounted on papers
Reclining Male Nude, Henri Matisse  French, Graphite on paper mounted on papers
ca. 1907
Nude, Henri Matisse  French, Graphite on paper
ca. 1908
Nude with Bracelets, Henri Matisse  French, Pen and black ink on paper
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