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Tapestry in the Baroque: New Aspects of Production and Patronage

Tapestry in the Baroque: New Aspects of Production and Patronage

Various authors
368 pages
243 illustrations
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The exhibition "Tapestry in the Baroque: Threads of Splendor," which opened at the Metropolitan Museum in 2007, was the occasion for a symposium at which renowned tapestry scholars presented results of some of their important, highly detailed research. This volume publishes the papers in well-illustrated articles.

The introductory article tours the exhibition, setting out its organization over the course of the period 1590 through the early 1700s, which saw the scattering of Flemish weavers around Europe during years of religious turmoil and the resulting development of the tapestry industry in such centers as Delft, Helsingor, Munich, London (Mortlake), Paris, and Rome, and then the industry's revival in Brussels. In their articles, the contributors concentrate on specific individuals in tapestry design, production, and collecting. They distill the results of laborious digging through family and crown inventories, parish records, notarial accounts, and other archival resources, as well as close examination of historical reports, to put forward new assessments of the accomplishments of tapestry designers and producers and a better understanding of the reasons wealthy patrons collected and displayed tapestries and presented them as gifts.

A number of the articles include appendixes with transcriptions of archival material.

Coriolanus Vows Eternal Hatred to Rome, Henri Lérambert  French, Pen and brown ink, brush and brown wash, heightened with white, over black chalk underdrawing
The Tapestry Hangings of the House of Lords Representing the Several Engagements Between the English and Spanish Fleets..., John Pine  British, Illustrations: etching and engraving
Multiple artists/makers
The Liberation of Oriane from a set of Amadis of Gaul, Karel van Mander I  Netherlandish, Wool and silk (8-9 warps per cm), Dutch, Delft
ca. 1590–95
I) Afbeelding van't Stadt Huys van Amsterdam, Jacob van Campen  Dutch, Etchings
Multiple artists/makers
Seasons and Elements (Fire) (set of four), Charles Le Brun  French, Canvas; silk, wool, and metal-thread embroidery in tent stitch (316 stitches per sq. inch, 49 per sq. cm.), French, Paris
Multiple artists/makers
ca. 1683
December from a set of The Months of Lucas, Master of the Months of Lucas  Netherlandish, Wool, silk (20-21 warps per inch, 8-9 per cm.), French, Paris
Multiple artists/makers
designed ca. 1535, woven 1732–37
The Coronation of Louis XIV, Jean Le Pautre  French, Etching
Colbert Visiting the Gobelins, Sébastien Leclerc I  French, Etching
ca. 1665
The Procession of the Holy Sacrament, Stefano della Bella  Italian, Etching, state iii
ca. 1648

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Campbell, Thomas P., and Elizabeth A. H. Cleland, eds. 2010. Tapestry in the Baroque: New Aspects of Production and Patronage. The Metropolitan Museum of Art Symposia. New York : New Haven ; Yale University Press: Metropolitan Museum of Art.