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The Art of Africa: A Resource for Educators

The Art of Africa: A Resource for Educators

Clarke, Christa
216 pages
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The rich and diverse artistic heritage of sub-Saharan Africa is presented in forty traditional works in the Metropolitan's collection. Included are a brief introduction and history of the continent, an explanation of the role of visual expression in Africa, descriptions of the form and function of the works, lesson plans, class activities, a map, comparisons, a bibliography, and a glossary.

These educational materials are made possible by Mr. and Mrs. Marvin H. Schein.

Met Art in Publication

Seated Figure, Terracotta, Middle Niger civilization
13th century
Ritual Vessel: Horse with Figures (Aduno Koro), Wood, Dogon peoples
16th–19th century
Masquerade Hood (Kanaga), Wood, fiber (sanseveria), hide, pigment, Dogon peoples
19th–20th century
Gwandansu, Bamana artist, Wood, Bamana
Bamana artist
15th–first half 20th century
Seated Male Figure with Lance, Wood, Bamana peoples
16th–19th century
Headdress: Male Antelope (Ci Wara), Wood, metal, thread, dyes, Bamana peoples
19th–early 20th century
Headdress (Ci Wara): Female Antelope, Wood, metal bands, Bamana peoples
19th–early 20th century
Kòmò Helmet Mask (Kòmòkun), Wood, bird skull, porcupine quills, horns, cotton cords, sacrificial materials, ferrous alloy, plant fiber, resin(?), Komo or Koma Power Association
19th–mid-20th century
Male Poro Altar Figure (Ndeo), Wood, paint, or pigment(?), Senufo peoples
19th–mid-20th century
Female Poro Altar Figure (Ndeo), Wood, paint, or pigment(?), Senufo peoples
19th–mid-20th century
Plank Mask (Nwantantay), Wood, pigment, fiber, Bwa peoples
19th–20th century
Lidded Saltcellar, Sapi-Portuguese artist, Ivory, Sapi-Portuguese
Sapi-Portuguese artist
15th–16th century
Headdress: Female Bust (D'mba), Wood, Baga peoples
19th–20th century
Violin Bow, Francois Nicolas Voirin  French, Pernambuco, silver, ivory, ebony, silver, horsehair, French
Francois Nicolas Voirin
ca. 1860–80
Ceremonial Ladle (Wakemia or Wunkirmian), Zlan of Belewale, Wood, fiber, metal, pigment
Zlan of Belewale
before 1960
19th–mid-20th century
Female Diviner's Figure, Wood, pigment, glass beads, copper alloy, sacrificial materials, Baule peoples
19th–mid-20th century
Staff of Office: Figures, spider web and spider motif  (ȯkyeame), Wood, gold foil, nails, Akan peoples, Asante group
19th–early 20th century
Memorial Head (Ntiri), Terracotta, patina(?), Akan peoples
17th century (?)
Buffalo figure, Silver, iron, wood, copper alloy, Fon peoples, Danhomè Kingdom
19th century
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