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The Metropolitan Museum Journal, v. 3 (1970)

"The Flowering of Seljuq Art"

Ettinghausen, Richard
19 pages
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Richard Ettinghausen

Footed Bowl, Bronze; inlaid with silver and black compound
early 13th century
Inkwell with Zodiac Signs, Brass; cast, inlaid with silver, copper, and black compound
early 13th century
Ewer with Calligraphic Band, Bronze; cast relief, engraved, inlaid with silver
12th century
Mortar, Bronze
12th–13th century
White Bowl, Stonepaste; incised under transparent glaze
12th century
Large Turquoise Jar, Earthenware; molded and glazed
12th–13th century
Cup with Running Ibexes, Stonepaste; incised decoration through black slip ground under turquoise glaze ("silhouette ware")
second half 12th century
Ewer, Stonepaste; glazed
early 13th century
Pierced Jug with Harpies and Sphinxes, Stonepaste; openwork, underglaze-painted, glazed in transparent turquoise
dated 612 AH/1215–16 CE
Bowl With Musicians in a Garden, Stonepaste; glazed in opaque white, luster-painted
late 12th–early 13th century
Bowl with Musicians, Stonepaste; luster-painted on opaque monochrome glaze
mid-13th century
Bahram Gur and Azada, Stonepaste; polychrome inglaze and overglaze painted on opaque monochrome glaze (mina'i)
12th–13th century
Tile, Stonepaste; modeled, overglaze-painted, and gilded, opaque white glaze
late 12th–13th century, probably with early 20th century additions
Bottle with Applied Decoration on the Neck, Glass, colorless; mold blown, applied blue decoration
11th–13th century
Textile with a Pattern of Stars and Birds, Originally from a Cap, Silk; samite
11th–12th century
Fragment of Wall Painting with a Scene of Two Horsemen Slaying a Serpent, Gypsum plaster; painted
early 20th century
Incense Burner, Bronze; pierced
12th century
Figurine in the Form of a Camel Carrying a Palanquin and Two Riders, Stonepaste; molded in sections, glazed in turquoise
12th–early 13th century
Mounted Hunter with Cheetah, Stonepaste; molded in sections, glazed in transparent turquoise, underglaze-painted in black
12th–early 13th century
Figure of Harpy, Stonepaste; luster-painted on opaque white glaze, molded and applied decoration
12th–early 13th century
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