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The Metropolitan Museum of Art Bulletin, v. 26, no. 3 (November, 1967)

The Metropolitan Museum of Art Bulletin, v. 26, no. 3 (November, 1967)

Byrne, Janet S., André Courreges, James Laver, Louise Nevelson, Alwin Nikolais, Norman Norell, Irene Sharaff, and Polaire Weissman
36 pages
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"Fashion, Art, and Beauty"
James Laver

"Is Fashion an Art?"
Norman Norell, Louise Nevelson, Irene Sharaff, Alwin Nikolais, and André Courreges

"Fashion Plates"
Janet S. Byrne

"The Art of Fashion"
Polaire Weissman

Met Art in Publication

Userhat and Wife Receiving Offerings, Tomb of Userhat, Norman de Garis Davies , ca. 1930, Tempera on paper
Norman de Garis Davies
original ca. 1294–1279 B.C.
Relief panel, Gypsum alabaster, Assyrian
ca. 883–859 BCE
Marble statue of a girl, Marble, Roman
1st or 2nd century CE
Courtiers in a Rose Garden: A Lady and Two Gentlemen, Wool warp; wool, silk, metallic weft yarns, South Netherlandish
ca. 1440–50
Portrait of a Woman, British Painter  British, Oil on wood
British Painter
ca. 1600
Robert Rich (1587–1658), Second Earl of Warwick, Anthony van Dyck  Flemish, Oil on canvas
Anthony van Dyck
ca. 1632–35
Portrait of a Woman, Said to be Madame Charles Simon Favart (Marie Justine Benoîte Duronceray, 1727–1772), François Hubert Drouais  French, Oil on canvas
François Hubert Drouais
Self-Portrait with Two Pupils, Marie Gabrielle Capet (1761–1818) and Marie Marguerite Carraux de Rosemond (1765–1788), Adélaïde Labille-Guiard  French, Oil on canvas
Adélaïde Labille-Guiard
Madame Philippe Panon Desbassayns de Richemont (Jeanne Eglé Mourgue, 1778–1855) and Her Son, Eugène (1800–1859), Marie Guillelmine Benoist  French, Oil on canvas
Marie Guillelmine Benoist
Madame Georges Charpentier (Marguérite-Louise Lemonnier, 1848–1904) and Her Children, Georgette-Berthe (1872–1945) and Paul-Émile-Charles (1875–1895), Auguste Renoir  French, Oil on canvas
Auguste Renoir
Study for "A Sunday on La Grande Jatte", Georges Seurat  French, Oil on canvas
Georges Seurat
Madame Thadée Natanson (Misia Godebska, 1872–1950) at the Theater, Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec  French, Oil on cardboard
Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec
The Wyndham Sisters: Lady Elcho, Mrs. Adeane, and Mrs. Tennant, John Singer Sargent  American, Oil on canvas, American
John Singer Sargent
Paul Poiret
Figures de Differents caracteres, de Paysages . . .Volume I, Antoine Watteau  French, Etching
Antoine Watteau
George Malbeste
ca. 1789
The Go-Between or Barrow Man Embarrass'd, George Townley Stubbs  British, Etching
George Townley Stubbs
May 15, 1786
Horace Vernet
Costume Design, Pierre-Numa Bassaget, called Numa  French, Pen and brown ink, brush and brown wash, graphite
Pierre-Numa Bassaget, called Numa
Costumes parisiens: les ouvrières de Paris, Gatine & Lanté  French, plates: engraving, hand-colored
Gatine & Lanté
about 1824
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